Cannot remove? message to update plugin?

it seems my Rapid Weaver upon start up asks me to update plugins, however i have this Styled Text+ it says it cannot update or something to the fact and i am not sure if i have it or it was a trial or whatever but how do you remove that plugin? i can’t stand that message anymore…the only thing i find is Styled Text version 7.0 but I do not think that is it as that is a RealMac one…

Hi, Michael,
First, click the Addons button in upper right corner of RW’s window:


Then, in the window that opens, control-click on the chosen addon and select Delete Addon:

Delete Addon

As always, before you delete any supporting files from RW, you should make a backup.

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Thanks but the problem is what is styledtext+? looks like your screen shot is the same as mine…version 7.0

StyledText+ is a plugin from Kuler Solutions. Simple googling lead me to this:

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Please no need to be condescending, i.e. (Simple googling lead me to this:) I am new to this rapid weaver and learning …
I just want to know why is my Rapid Weaver wanting to update a plugin that is not even there with the rest of them?

Here is the warning I receive… it must be stuck in some sort of start up script…that needs to be corrected.

Partitions: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Styled Text+: Couldn’t obtain plugin principal class

Would you like to check for updates?

I think one of your plugins is corrupted or perhaps doesn’t work with the version of RapidWeaver/macOS you are using.

I’d recommend openening your addons folder and making sure everything seems OK.

Remove anything that you’re not currently using and anything that seems out of date.

Re-download anything else from the developer.

If that doesn’t seem to improve anything, then I’d recommend removing all plugins and adding them back one at a time until the problem can be isolated.

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nothing is there, and the add on was an old retired add on from 2010 apparently i added way back in the old RW6 days, not knowing what i was doing then… i wonder if it is in the info.plist like a listing in there?

@Flashoser, How did you come up with the idea I was condescending is beyond me :hushed:. If I had to be condescending, I would rather ignore your call for help and avoid getting involved in petty arguments…

I think I made that clear in my Parentheses, i.e. (Simple googling lead me to this:) seemed to imply to me all I had to do was a simple google search… It made me feel that I was condescended upon which is unnecessary then on your end…if that was not your intention, well then my apologies…I was not after an explanation of what it is, more or less is it a part of the original Rapidweaver…so I don’t screw it up.

I can see this is going to be a tough one finding what needs to be changed to get that out of the start up somehow… it is stuck on some check for those 2 add on’s…

Not quite sure what you mean by that. Does that mean you’ve found the problem in an old plugin? If so, that’s great.

If not, then I recommend removing old plugins – especially things from 2010 – they will definitely run in to many issues with 2017 RapidWeaver. RapidWeaver has advanced A LOT in seven years. :heart_eyes::clap:

If you’re still having issues with plugins, let me know a few more details about the what you have installed and I can probably help. :slight_smile:


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No, there is no plugin listed with that name in my plug ins, it is called Styled Text+, so when i do a search or got to my add ons and do a search there is no plug in listed by that name, only styled text version 7.0

Where are you going to get your addons?? It has changed in RW 7, so make sure you are going to the right spot.

I went to where rovertek said to manage addons… ?

Well? Was that the right location?

That’s the problem the old plug in it not there to remove, yet RW7 wants to update 2 of them that do not exist

I have moved mine and am not the right person to tell you where they originally should go in RW 7, but I do know they are different from other versions of RapidWeaver. Maybe someone else can help you out.
@dan @LaPan @Aaron any ideas on this???

So it sounds like what we have here are some confusions about which addons folder is the right one – due to multiple versions of RapidWeaver having been on this machine over the years.

I’d recommend these things:

Make sure that there is just one copy of RapidWeaver installed in the Applications folder.

if you have more than one, delete the old ones.

Make sure that one copy is RapidWeaver 7 version 7.5.x

if you have some other version re-download an up to date one from

Launch this copy

open that app by double clicking it in the Applications folder (rather than double clicking on a file).

Open the actual addons folder in use

Type Cmd-Opt-7 in RapidWeaver. This opens the addons folder that’s in use right now no matter where it is.

Move all the addons out (temporarily)

While you’re testing things and getting them to work, let’s just move all the addons installed out to the desktop (or some other location – other than the addons folder).

Restart RW

Quit RapidWeaver completely. And Relaunch.

hopefully if you make it to here you will have the latest RW7 running, no old plugins installed, and be ready to go with a fully functional app.

If you still have problems from this point, then there’s probably not much more than folks here on the forum can help out – your best bet from there is to go directly to the RealMacSoftware support email and send them any other details about your system, error messages, etc.

Hope that helps out,

My scenario is something different. Occasionally I have to use RW 6.4, where I have PlusKit 3.0.1 installed. Every time I start RW 6.4 a message appears asking to update PlusKit to version 4.0.2, which does not work in RW 6.4
Is there any way to avoid this message?

Thanks, I will try this…I think the problem is no one mentioned folders to me, I was only looking in the Addon’s inside of Rapid Weaver… as I am still considered a newbie… I will now look into folders…