Rate-it stack and center alignment

(Wondrous) #1

In the stack there is alignment on the center, by default it is located on the left. Is it possible through CSS (CSS-box) to make the stack are placed in the center?

(Greg Schneck) #2

Not sure about your particular situation but Usefulstack (https://stacks4stacks.com/usefulstack/) may help you. It’s free but consider a donation.

You can put any stack in it and with it you can specify ‘center’ and you can give a MAX width to “narrow it up” on a wide page. Yet it is fully responsive so the content toggles nicely as screen size reduces smaller than the set max.

Not sure if that will help you or not. I don’t fully understand your issue.

(scott williams) #3

Without a URL no way to tell.

(Wondrous) #4

It was meant to originally in the RW it was possible to make the alignment of this stack in the center. But I don’t know how this stack is done, but align it in the center does not work. Useful stack tried, the data Rate-it is still not centered on the center. Of course, you can adjust the size (page or table), but it’s not.

(scott williams) #5

If you would give the url for the published page with the problem. Someone can have a look and see if it can be changed with CSS.

(Wondrous) #6

It is not required, it is necessary at the level of the Rapidweaver. So in the program it could be done, not to finish later in the CSS.

(scott williams) #7

Sorry, I can’t help you then. I would have to purchase the stack

(Wondrous) #8

He has a demo version, moreover, when viewing the stars not showing in Safari and Chrome.

(DeFliGra) #9

Rate-it Stack by Stack-Its takes up 270 px width.

To center it you can simply use the Stacks plugin > Layout > Fill Mode > Fixed Size > Pixel Width: 275px.

Because the Rate-it Stack only takes up 275 px it’ll work fine on smaller displays as well.

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