Rate-it stack and center alignment

In the stack there is alignment on the center, by default it is located on the left. Is it possible through CSS (CSS-box) to make the stack are placed in the center?

Not sure about your particular situation but Usefulstack (https://stacks4stacks.com/usefulstack/) may help you. It’s free but consider a donation.

You can put any stack in it and with it you can specify ‘center’ and you can give a MAX width to “narrow it up” on a wide page. Yet it is fully responsive so the content toggles nicely as screen size reduces smaller than the set max.

Not sure if that will help you or not. I don’t fully understand your issue.

Without a URL no way to tell.

It was meant to originally in the RW it was possible to make the alignment of this stack in the center. But I don’t know how this stack is done, but align it in the center does not work. Useful stack tried, the data Rate-it is still not centered on the center. Of course, you can adjust the size (page or table), but it’s not.

If you would give the url for the published page with the problem. Someone can have a look and see if it can be changed with CSS.

It is not required, it is necessary at the level of the Rapidweaver. So in the program it could be done, not to finish later in the CSS.

Sorry, I can’t help you then. I would have to purchase the stack

He has a demo version, moreover, when viewing the stars not showing in Safari and Chrome.

Rate-it Stack by Stack-Its takes up 270 px width.

To center it you can simply use the Stacks plugin > Layout > Fill Mode > Fixed Size > Pixel Width: 275px.

Because the Rate-it Stack only takes up 275 px it’ll work fine on smaller displays as well.

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