Can't add a "video page" in Rapid Weaver 6?

I’ve used RW since 2008 and just updated my site to RW6. My site has a “video page” that is now not working properly after publishing the site. I read that the missing plug-in issue I’m seeing was related to quicktime and that I should update embed tags (which I’m not seeing) to video tags. At the computer here I decided to delete the videos I had in RW and put new ones in but it seems no thumbnails are generated and everything is jumbled up in preview (I’ve not published what I’m seeing at home to my site). I thought perhaps I should start over and add a new video page to see if RW6 handles videos differently but I don’t see the option to add a “video page” and a photo album page does not accept video. How do I add a “video page” now? It’s a total drag when things you used to count on disappear in newer versions, I hope that’s not what happened here! BTW: I want the videos coming from my own site not from Youtube. Any help here is greatly appreciated, thanks!

Use a Stacks page and then use Joe’s HTML5 Video stack.

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Thanks for the quick reply! But I was hoping I would be able to do this within RW, as I was able to do in the past, without paid add ons. If that is not possible anymore I’ll definitely check into your suggestions.

It is not possible, Realmac removed the movie page as it was old and out dated and no modern browser allows for the .mov files that they used. There are other movie stacks out there, just search the addons area:

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Thanks I’ll search or check your original suggestions. Do you know of any examples of web pages that use stacks and html5 video stacks I can look at? Thanks again for the info!

these are just very basic pages, I was testing supposed bugs people were finding
This one has two of the same videos on it

This one has 2 columns of very LARGE videos, so some may take some time to load.

It turns out that it is possible to add video to a page without add ons. Perhaps not as slick looking, but it does in fact work

I uploaded the video files to my site separately using Transmit then in RW on a “styled text” page using the basic html5 video code at the following link to start with I changed the source to link with the files at my site and voila!

With this code, you can integrate a video in your page.
Put your video in resources and all should work,

<video src="%resource(your-video.mp4)%" width="460" height="345" controls> Your browser can not play this video. </video>



Use this code, so you can integrate a start poster.
I have seen, that the iPad don’t show the video, only a start arrow.
Also on your website in the first/last post.

<video poster="%resource(your_image.png)%" src="%resource(your_video.mp4)%" width="560" height="445" controls> Your browser can not play this video. </video>

Cool music!


Thanks for the code. They work like a charm!


Dear Oscar’s wisdom is still helping people. :slight_smile: