Stacks 3 VIDEO will not load

Hi all - this is probably some small stupid mistake on my part. have been updating sites to RW7.0.1. All is going well EXCEPT that the links to my mp4 video is broken. I deleted the page, created a new Stack page and dragged the HTML 5 video stack to the new page. So far so good. However, when I try to drag a video to the stack nothing happens. I have added the vieo to my resources. Cant drag from either resources or from the folder on the computer. Any ideas?

Please update to 7.0.2. This bug is fixed.

Thanks - incredibly fast reply!!! will do

Updated to 7.0.2 - still cannot drag mp4 file to the video stack

most video stacks want you to link to the file on a server or use resources. I have not seen one that uses drag and drop but I could be wrong

I have added the mp4 file to resources. I have also tried linking it via the page inspector. It still doesn’t show up on the HTML5 stack or in preview. I swear the first time I added it I just dragged it to the stack