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Hello. I am website challenged. Knowing very little, I’m attempting to rebuild a super simple band website originally built in rapid weaver 5.3.1. Now working with rapidweaver 8.2, I just want to recreate the old website. It has a youtube video embed at top of page and a few links to a band bio and social media. What are my options to add embed? Must I use “stacks” which I know nothing about? Is there another way without stacks? And if I must use them, which should I use? Thanks in advance for your help.

About Stacks…Yes @isaiah
Without them you are beating your head against a wall.

ok. i’m all ready beating my head against a wall, so the less beating the better. Could you recommend a stack to use? and any addition advice on how I’d use is much appreciated as i’m easily confused.

Doobox YouTube pop and weaver.space Video Wall are my favs

If all you want to do is embed a youtube video, you don’t have to have stacks. Stacks are great and should be something to consider.
To embed from YouTube Bring up the YouTube video you want and select Share:

Select embed:

Select all the code and copy it to your clipboard

Now just paste as plain text (opt+cmd+v) into a rapidweaver styled text page where you want it.

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super helpful. thx

will look into it. thx

is there a theme of rapidweaver that is just a blank page? or is this where i need stacks?

If you want a totally blank page (For the video?) try an HTML page. You can place the embed code into that.

If you want Theme styling you can check the box in the sidebar:

thx. i’ll look into it. basically just trying to rebuild this basic old site: detroitrebellion.com

You probably want to change it up a bit. That’s a pretty old design.

You could check out some of Themeflood themes. @willwood has quite a few themes that are free or priced pretty well. They all have a free try before you buy demo version.


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