Cant change my Rapidweaver doc

(gideon) #1

I try to change some text in the document but now I get a: Exception while exporting site.


See attachment.

Regards, Gideon

(Doug Bennett) #2

That’s probably one for support. You didn’t say what version of RapidWeaver, or what version of macOS. That might help them figure it out.

(gideon) #3

Hello Doug,

Thank you for your reply.

I use RW 7 on a OS 10.13.3. I have several websites but only in one I get this error.


(Doug Bennett) #4

Make sure you’re using 7.5.5 (latest). Anything less the 7.5.5 may give you problems with High Sierra (10.13).

If that checks out I would contact support.

(gideon) #5

Yes I use 7.5.5 I emailed support, thank you

(system) #6

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