Can't Display Site Title on Jumbotron

According to the settings, it should display.

But it does not.
When I go into “view” mode, there’s the logo, but the Jumbotron graphic disappears.

What to do, what to do…Jumbotron/Hero images on RW have never been easy.
Use master unchecked.

What theme are you using?

What Jumbotron stack?

Blankstrap Jumbotron.
Engineer theme.
RWSkinz didn’t migrate over for some reason.
Nor did Blankstrap. Sigh.

The problem is the Engineer Theme won’t work with that jumbotron (or any). It has its own hero built-in.

Just re-download

Jannis(@instacks), The blankStrap theme link on your site isn’t working

BTW, Engineer is a RW 8 theme. Why would anyone build a webpage with the stock image that comes with the program? That’s like buying a wallet and leaving the sample picture of a relative behind the plasticine. To not support user-generated or stock images is strange.


You don’t.

RW8 supports banner images both at the site-wide and page level. It also gives you a recommended size based on the theme. Of course, the Theme must be newer and use these features.

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Try this link:


The problem is that you have to use a theme in Rapidweaver. You can’t build a website without it. The themes are all too often undocumented and negate options in the program itself. This leads users wondering why–at the page level or the document level–it is not possible to change the hero image.

I looked at the site and the files are all exploded, it’s like copying a Mac *.app file in Linux, there are hundreds of files and the file structure is undocumented. I’d rather not try to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

  1. From the link above select the Clone or download green button.
  2. Select Download ZIP
  3. The Zip file will contain the Theme and Stacks, Grab them and drag to RW on the dock.

Here is the correct documented page:

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