Engineer Theme and banner color

I can’t get the title or slogan to change color in the engineer theme. I have gone so far as reinstalling the software from scratch and my change do not show up.

In setting, General, do you have those items checked?

Yes. I suspect that it is in how the CSS is being parsed. Either hero-slogan default is either more specificly defined than the use CSS or it is some thing with consolidation.

I have tried using Safari and Chrome but I’m not an expert in looking at CSS to location the issue. I’ll do more testing later and get a sample on a site to look at the files directly.

If you mean the title and slogan overlaying the image, this should do it. Just change the colour to whatever you need.

.hero-title {
color: #D64D2A;
.hero-slogan {
	color: #D64D2A;

Put it in the CSS panel of the Code page in Settings.

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This solved the problem.

This also gives me more insight into how to use Rapid Weaver. Is there an online manual in text format that I can learn more about how to use the interface?

Why do you think the Rapid Weaver setting changes don’t work?

The lack of a manual has been a bugbear for many people for a long time. This is the closest you’ll find - - it’s for RW 7.

There are third party books that you can buy but I don’t think any of them cover RW8. There are paid-for video tutorials though.

TBH this and the various other forums are pretty helpful places. Use the search feature to find old discussions. There’s not much that hasn’t been raked over in one form or another before. :sunglasses:

Why doesn’t changing the settings inside RW work? I have no idea. I tried it and it didn’t work for me.

Maybe @dan or @ben or someone else from RealMac can chime in? We’re talking about why changing the colours of the overlaid title and slogan in Engineer doesn’t appear to do anything.


Not a manual, but the free videos by RMS:

I believe there might be more RW instructional videos on Youtube as well.

And if your using Stacks, the Stacks videos There also manuals for Stacks 3 and 4 and a Stacks knowledge base (links on bottom of page).

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