Blankstrap Theme/Bootstrap 4

Just a little work in progress for those who enjoy those kind of thingies. I’m adapting my 10 Great Google Font Combos to also work with the free and awesome Bootstrap 4 Blankstrap Theme from Instacks. Made possible with the equally super awesome FontPro stack from @joeworkman

I’m also playing around with a couple of the built in styles and they will of course also be included.

Available as soon as its ready and will be a free update for all current customers.
Video 1

And here’s some even more:
Video 2

It’s really cool to build Bootstrap 4 websites with RW! You learn a lot about code and you use a very well loved framework which makes it interesting for more traditional web devs.

Well done! @instacks :lollipop:


And here’s a kind of dev diary or something


Love it :heart_eyes: great what you show there, and exactly as purposed.

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Thanks @instacks makes me really happy to hear :smile:

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Good video and a perfect example of how easy it is to add code to do quite complex things in RW. The Jumbotron example is particularly good because it would take a lot of stacks and some figuring out and a lot of experience to create a close approximation of that layout. As the video shows, the code or snippet is just a few lines in addition to the text.

Jannis has done a thorough detailed job with Blankstrap and the most recent version has support for Stick Nav Bar navigation and also 2nd level pages links.

Blankstrap is quite probably the most powerful and up to date blank theme available for RW.


I totally agree with you and thats exactly why I recorded this video and why I’m going to pour absurd amounts of love into this project. :snowman_with_snow:


For those who prefer the Medium format here it is:

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