Can't edit pages with Blocks


Hi @pdallos

Don’t think your post came over as you intended. Might need to edit it if you were trying to provide additional information.

There might not be many who are still using the Blocks plugin, but let us know the details so we can try and help.

Thanks for the quick reply. Indeed I neglected to give details. Here they are. In eithe RW8 or Classic, pages that contain Blocks cannot be opened – RW hangs up and needs to be force-quit. I am up-to-date with all plugins and OS (14.1.1). If I I open without plugins, I can navigate among pgaes, but there is no content. I’d like to at least pull out the content of the pages so I can rebuld the website without starting from scratch. Tou can view the latest version at: The last page, built with Stacks (called Catalog) works just fine, none of the others do. I should mention that I have received essentially no help from the RW folks, which makes me unhappy. Thanks in advance. Peter

I used to use your head pluggins some of them need to be run in Rosetta. Try and right click on the Rapidweaver app and get info and click on and then launch Rapidweaver see if that fixes it

Hi Scott, thanks for the suggestion. Does not help – same problem(s)

This is the first time I’m seeing this support request, I’m sure we can get this sorted though! Not sure we can get your Blocks pages working because that plugin is not our product, but we’ll do our best to see what’s going on.

Can you email your project file and addons folder over to us at per our guide here?

I’ll take a look and see if I can replicate the Blocks pages not loading and we can go from there. :slightly_smiling_face: