Why does WeaverPix fail with Blocks in RW6?

Since upgrading to RW6 the ‘Blocks’ containing WeaverPix slideshows have failed to preview. I just get a warning box containing the following:

Some Files are Missing
This page is missing some files and may not be exported correctly. Please adjust your page settings, or contact the vendor of the “Blocks” plugin for help if you are unsure what to do. The following files are missing:

I can trick it into previewing the page by switching to Edit mode, selecting and clicking on the Block then returning to Preview mode. If I then alter anything while still in Preview mode it goes back to issuing the above warning and I get a couple of blue question marks where the WeaverPix slideshow should be.

I have contacted YouHead, but, so far, there has not been any solution.

Can anyone help? Please.


RapidWeaver Version: 6.3.3 (15046)
Blocks Plug-in: 3.4.7
WeaverPix Plug-in: 3.4.8
Themes: CA Lino, HV Elite