Rapidweaver 6 and Blocks Plugin... don't work?

Valued community,

You will excuse me if this has been asked before, but a search brought up nothing relevant, so here goes:

Currently using RW6.3.8 / OS10.10.5.
Previously been using RW5, plug-ins included Stacks and Blocks (Yourhead Software).
Clicking on “Copy Addons from Rapidweaver5” in the RW6 menu does import Stacks, but not Blocks (newest Version 3.4.7)…??

I need to update projects from RW5, which use Blocks… when loading into RW6, it tells me that the plugin is missing and thus the pages using it cannot be displayed.
Would like to avoid having to copy the affected content by hand and redesigning all those pages manually.

Thanks for any help,

I would try downloading the latest version of Blocks from Yourhead - http://www.yourhead.com/blocks - and installing that manually over the top of your current version. That should work.


Like I wrote, I do have the latest version of Blocks. Tried installing manually (double clicking the Blocks RW6 plugin file) before, to no effect for some reason… this time, it did seem to work, BUT:

Now the theme of the whole project (even pages that don’t use blocks) is totally messed up?! Colors, styles, margins, all over the place. What the §#@& …?

Other projects not using blocs remain unaffected, though… any ideas?

Yes but you mentioned blocks doesn’t import by copying add-ons. Hence Rob’s suggestion of manually installing into RW6. This could be a double click on the install package or drag it to the RW6 icon

… see above, I mentioned that it didn’t import the first time around, but added that once I got it to work with RW6, the layout of the project was totally messed up when loaded. Actually, I just realised that it even switched to a totally different theme… very weird.

Contacted Yourhead Software, but they weren’t of much help, either…
Probably I should abandon Blocks altogether… being a non responsive design and all.