Can't Embed PayPal Donate button RW6

I have created a site for a friend’s small but worthy non-profit and can’t for the life of me get the PayPal embed to work.

I have tried pasting it into the EDIT page then FORMAT>HTML>Code (it displays with green in Edit but turns up just as the code in Preview (or Published). I have Smart Quotes Off.

I have also tried pasting the code directly into the HTML body by going Inspect Element>Edit HTML Code>Paste. This doesn’t show up at all. My friend got the code twice from PayPal, this is the version I am currently trying to use:

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces

Didn’t know how to display the code, sorry.`Edit: I guess I still don’t.

What page type are you using?
Usually you need to highlight the code and select “ignore formatting” under the format menu.

THANK YOU! So much. That seems to have done the trick. I had been trying to follow a tutorial that said to select the code and then format it as HTML Code, I never thought of trying Ignore Formatting.

FWIW I am working in a Styled Text page in Tesla, but had the same results in other themes and pasting it into the Sidebar or Contacts page.

I spent 36 hours trying things and searching the web for an answer, so again, Thank You bitbumpy.

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