Newbie. How do I center my code?

I made a paypal button and when I past it into my style sheet its does not center on the page. How do I center the html code ?

thank you

Hi Mike,

One thing you need to do with code from external sources is apply Clear Formatting and Ignore Formatting, both of which you’ll find in the Format menu. Simply select and highlight your code and then apply each in turn.


ok thank you but after i do that the button is still aligned to the left side of the page in preview

How about highlighting the code and then selecting Centre from the Format menu? Does that work?


no it centers the code but on preivew the button is on the left side of the screen

Try this then: select the stack, go to the Settings > Layout > Fill Mode and select Fixed Size. Set the width to slightly bigger than the width of the button and Align it Center.