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Once again I have to apologise. I originally used .wav files and Joe put me right that html5 Audio now only works with mp3s as that is the format that works with all browsers. Interesting that when a project is dormant for 6 months, lots has changed when it is woken up again. :):blush:

I also notice that the link, once established, is not underlined or colored as a link. Even thought it is an active link. This is not a consistent problem.

Ah. My error. A lack of understanding of the alternate colors in a Swatch.

Someone named Adam originally asked me about this – perhaps @adman17 ?

It is logged, and I will get to this, but it require add/removing/updating the link button UI – and all the Stacks toolbar UI is custom stuff since we don’t have access to the regular application toolbar (one of the perils of being a plugin, LOL :yum:) – anyway, that just means it takes time and we didn’t want to delay the release too much. So we’ll catch that feature/fix on v4.1 – it shouldn’t be too tough, so I’m pretty confident we’ll make this happen.

Here’s a link to the feature in our tracker. If you want you can log in and give any details or just “follow” this bug. The tracker will give you an update whenever we change anything. When it gets added it will mark it as closed and then you’ll be able to help me test out the new feature in the very next build.

You can see on the tracker Adam’s original comment, his later additions, and even that it’s scheduled for v4.1 – so you can keep me honest and make sure I don’t reschedule it for v4.2. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



It should be underline – pretty much no matter where you’re looking at it. But believe it or not, it NEVER has anything to do with Stacks.

When you edit text you’re seeing the RapidWeaver styled text engine. I don’t think there is any way to override or disable this underline – although the dark blue is a bit hard to see on top of a dark-mode background. At least for me in RapidWeaver 8 in Mojave, in light-mode, using all versions of Stacks that I’m aware of, you’ll see something that looks about like this:


Once you get done with editing, then you’ll see the text in the generic layout. Stacks uses Safari’s standard default web appearance for a link – which has single pixel blue underline for all links.

There are, however lots of ways of overriding this link style. I bet there are more than a few stacks that do this. If you’re using a framework it probable does some link styling. You can test by making a new generic page – looking at a link – then adding your framework stacks – and seeing the effect.

However, the default look, with no frameworks or other stacks cluttering up my carefully crafted and high performance styling (not that I mind when they do that – too much :sob:), you should be something like this:


Once you’re done building your page and want to preview or publish it – then you’re at the mercy of your theme. But in a lot of the old-school themes you’ll see an underline. Admittedly, a lot of new ones omit underlines – that’s just the trend nowadays, nobody want old-looking sites (legibility be damned). :yum:

But here’s the old-school theme I use for all my testing since it’s very simple and plain and trustworthy. Oh Alpha-theme how do I love thee, let me count the ways…


If you have other things happening, or perhaps bugs to report, you should post a screenshot and some details about how to make that bad thing happen, then I can be specific in how I help – or i tend to just spout random screenshots and type in a rambling fashion just… like… i’m… doing… now. ok, maybe i should stop…

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Thanks very much. Greetings from Finland and lots of appreciation for stacks4 and all you do.


David Ward

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Yeah, that was me Isaiah. Wasn’t my intention to pile on or complain - just thought it was a constructive comment to add to this thread as it seemed to relate. The temporary loss of this functionality is a small price to pay for all the other great additions in 4.0. Particularly multiple selections!

Over-reporting of bugs is never a bad thing. Carry on. :slight_smile:

Thanks much for the detailed reply.

I have worked around the problem by creating a new Paragraph and retyping the contents. Underlines are where they should be.

I believe that the Paragraph that had the problem was copied from a Stacks 3 site into a Stacks 4 site. Not sure that this was the cause.

Enjoying Stacks 4 very much.

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