Stacks 4 has missing links

I have updated to the latest Stack 4.1.2 and see a “feature” where the Inspector Panel shows the attribute of an Image Stack as having a link in it but when clicking Edit link, there is no data in the panel.

When I go to re-enter the link, it takes but when reopening the edit link window, it’s empty again.

I am unable to replicate that on Stacks 4.1.2 and RW 8.7.

Once the link is applied, if I close and go back into the link attribute inspector, the url link is still there.

However, If I click on the image stack title bar or outline to select the image stack I do not see the “link” or “unlink” buttons. If I click on the actual image then those buttons are displayed.

What Image stack are you using as the menu in the bottom left of your screenshot “Image-Setup” is not what I see either?

Hi Nick,

It’s very strange. I should have mentioned that it’s a Foundation image stack but you are correct about not being able to replicate it. I added a new Image stack right next to the old one and it works fine. Must be a corrupted stack??


I think you hit the nail on the head there. I’ve just tested the image stacks from stacks4 and foundry and they all work as expected.


I’d like to take a look at this and see if there’s something I can do here. Can you copy this one stack to a file all on its own, zip it up, and post a share-url here?


Sorry Isaiah, Just seen this message. A rare day in the office.

What did you require from me as I don’t believe Stacks 4.1.2 image stack was the problem here and I don’t won foundation.

I just need to be able to see what you’re seeing here in my debugging environment. So if you can help me do that in 1 or 2 stacks on a page, that’s super! But, here’s an exquisitely detailed set of steps on exactly how to do that. :smiley:

  1. New file
  2. New Stacks page
  3. Copy the problematic stack from your file
  4. Paste it into the new doc
  5. Make sure the stack still shows the problem.
  6. Save to the Desktop (or somewhere you can find the file)
  7. Right click on the new tiny project file and choose Compress from the popup contextual menu.
  8. Share the file with DropShare or Dropbox or whatever you prefer.
  9. Post me the share URL any way you like. Post it here. Send an email. DM me in Slack. Tweet it to @isaiah. Whatever you fancy. :slight_smile:
  10. If you can include a helpful hint of what to look for as I get a lot of these messages a day – I might not remember (ok, I definitely won’t, but it’s nothing personal, I just have a terrible memory) – and sometimes I open the file and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do or see.

It’s a lot of steps, but hopefully it’s really more like:

Copy Paste Save Zip Send DONE!!!

Like less than a minute. 5 minutes if you enjoy the zen of moving slowly like I do. :turtle: :smiley:


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