Can't find my projects

I am still a neophyte and need basic help. I spent a good part of the summer building my websites. I am using Rapidweaver on two computers, my home Mac mini and an iMac in my campus office. My Mac mini crashed and I had to erase the disk and start over. I have successfully reinstalled the Rapidweaver program but cannot find my websites. Where are the project files stored? I thought I saved everything to the cloud, but when I open Rapidweaver it does not show my projects. Please help.

Your files are saved wherever you choose to save them, just like any other Mac program. The project list that comes up in RW is just like the “open recent” that Apple offers in their OS.
So where do you save your files? In the documents folder? Do you make and name folders and organize your hard drive?
One way to find them is to use Spotllight. Search for the name of the file or search for the RW extension. Or open your documents folder and search in the window. That should find your RW projects. The stacks, add-ons etc live in different places depending on what version of RW you are using.

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thanks very much!

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