My project is missing


A month ago I successfully published my website and now I want to add some content. Funnily, I open my RW app and the project is not there so there is no way to edit or do anything to the website which I see is online and working. Any help. How could this possibly be. Isn’t RW supposed to keep my project where I left it?!

Hi, the project file will still be at the place you saved it. Merely the shortlink in the recent objcts menu may have changed. So where did you save your files - in which folder?

There is just an rw_common folder on my desktop from the day I used it last.

I also found an index.html file which shows my actual online site when I open it, but how do I get this back into the app so I can edit or add content?

Hi, it seems you exported your site to your desktop. What you see is are the files from a publishing command, not your project file. Perhaps you can search for your project using Spotlight?

I see. Spotlight - how to do that?

Use the small search icon in the menu bar or press COMMAND and SPACE together.

Do you mean in Finder on my mac?

Yes, exactly

the only rapidweaver project I found is like a demo and looks nothing like the project that was in my application and therefore the website that is online. How can it be that it is not in my app anymore? Does it mean that my site is stuck in the internet now and I can’t do anything on it now?

Did you search for the name you saved your project under? Rapidweaver does not delete project files, only you can do so (or some creepy software like MacKeeper which sometimes deletes important files).

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yes I did. and it leads me to the project in Rapid weaver that only contains the text and is not even published. I just need to get to my actual project that I see on the web but seems impossible. I am sure I left the project in rapidweaver, and it is certainly not there now.

Did you select to backup your project on your server when you publish it? Then you could use an FTP application to retrieve the backup file from your server.

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i am not sure. how can I try to retrieve it from my server?

You can use a FTP application like Transmit and use it to look at the files on your server. Many hosting companies allow you to do this as well from the website you log into your account. I would try to talk to the support team of your hosting service and ask them if there is an easy way to look at the files on your server. Then check for a folder which ends with “_rwbackup”

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I found the folder that ends with _rwbackup and is quite big compared to the rest so I assume that should be the project

how should i proceed now? It is A2 hosting.

Ahaa. I got it. I downloaded it and it is what I was looking for. Thank you for guiding me to the solution!

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:slight_smile: Great

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I just keep my projects in a “Websites” folder at my main user level. That would be the same place as your “Documents,” “Pictures,” “Music,” etc. When you want to work on a project then just go to it and open it (dbl click) like any other document. That way you know exactly where they are and they are easy to find in your Time Machine and other backups.

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