Can't get 2nd page to link to Main Page on Safari- help required please

I’ve set up a basic navigation home page on my iMac for my most commonly used links.
The “site” is saved locally on my Mac.

I’ve added a second page to the site and am using “Split” theme.
In Rapidweaver 6, the preview works great. Rapid weaver adds Main Page and the Second Page to the header and the pages link back and forth very well.

I have saved the file and clicked on Export Changes to Default Folder

When I open the Home Page on Safari, the main page displays correctly.
When I click on the second page at the header, Safari opens the actual folder where the site is saved, and doesn’t display the second page.
When I double click the file name styled > files > index, the second page opens on Safari. But when I click on Main Page link on the header of this second page, again, Safari opens the desktop folder rather than the webpage.

To me it seems that Rapidweaver hasn’t published the page links correctly on the default folder but I’m not sure how to correct it.

Here’s what opens when I click on the second page link. (The top index.html is my main home page, and the index.html at the bottom is the second page of my website.)

I’m not sure I understand exactly what is happening but you cannot really view your site like this locally unless you plan all your links very meticulously. The links most likely are pointing to your actual webpage so Safari is loading subsequent pages from your server and not your local folder. To view your site locally you need to use MAMP or similar. Even then your links must be relative.

Remember… even if you are “in” your local folder Safari will go to whatever the link is… and that is most likely a link on your server, … not a local path.

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Thanks Greg for your comments.

I suspected there is definitely a problem with the way the pages are directed relative to each other and I decided to play around a bit more with the settings. In the advanced option, I noticed “Tidy Website Links” was checked. I decided to see what would happen if I unchecked it…and success!..that was what was causing the issues.

Everything is now behaving as expected within Safari. I have the intranet behaving the way I wanted.

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