Link to Homepage takes user to folder tree (site map)

I am using Rapid Weaver 7.5.7. Prior to update to OS X Catalina, a link to the homepage took users to the homepage. Now, it takes users to the folder tree (site map). This site will never be published to the web and is intended as my family’s home intranet.

I would be most grateful for anyone’s assistance with this enquiry.

UPDATE Just tested this in OS X Mojave and the same thing happens. Generate links within Rapidweaver. Everything looks good in preview. Once exported to local folder, each link goes to the folder tree instead of each page, even though I selected the page in the link setup menu. I realize there is something I’m doing wrong; I simply don’t know what that something is. I would be most grateful for anyone’s assistance in this matter.

What is the page named? Is it index.html (or php)

What kind of web server are you using for the “home intranet”? Webpages are designed to be served by a web server. If you’re trying to just view the HTML pages, you’ll get unpredictable results.

Native HTML is totally viewable with a browser. The problems you’ll encounter will come from things like PHP and internal links. Web servers will resolve links and can run PHP scripts.

If you’re using nothing but HTML (no PHP) you can probably make “viewing the HTML” work and that’s probably how it worked before. Unfortunately without access it’s hard to say for sure why it stopped working.

Perhaps if you gave us some screenshots of the site settings and advanced settings.

I’d probably go the route of putting up a web server, something like MAMP Pro.

All html pages generated by Rapidweaver are called “index.html”. I understand I may need to purchase a server. However, I know prior to the Catalina upgrade, this wasn’t an issue, so I don’t think it’s Rapidweaver. I had the same results when testing Sparkles and Sandvox also. Catalina seems to have broken something. Having said that, prior to server purchase, do you think upgrading to 8.4 would resolve this particular issue? Again, please accept my thanks for your assistance.

You need to run a web server on your Mac. As Doug suggested Mamp is a good choice.

Since you’re sure all pages are index.html you could probably get it to “mostly” work.

You’re getting a directory listing when you click on a navigation link? Do you have tidy links turned on? Web servers resolve tidy links, so try turning that off.

I will discuss the purchase of the web server for my mac with my wife. In the meantime, how do I manually turn off tidy links?

Again, please accept my thanks for your assistance, it’s much appreciated. :slight_smile:

In advanced settings.

That did it! One little setting and the problem went away! Now, I can focus on some “basic training” that will enable me to get our home intranet up and running.

Again, many thanks to you; we both really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

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