Armadillo blog page is blank after initial setup

I’m having a super tough time getting my armadillo page to work. I finally got to the point where I could get into the page and go through the setup, but when I posted first blog it doesn’t appear. I’d appreciate any help on this. I’ve tried working with permissions, tweeking the php.ini, and even deleted everything and started over a few times to no avail. I would greatly appreciate the help!

I’m getting help from bluehost right now, but I think they are making things worse. lol

bluehost can’t figure it out. They person I chatted with thinks there is a problem in the index.php file. But still no joy…

I would contact Greg at Chilli Dog hosting. He is a RW guy and if you go with him you will never look back.

I’m sure he can get you fixed up and take the pain away. :grinning:
He did for me.

Armadillo (and Stacks for that matter) just went through a bunch of updates. Make sure everything’s updated and Republish All.

It may be that you’ve been using a version of Armadillo in which placing the main Armadillo stack on a page does not place a blog on that page – you need to add a separate blog stack. Also, you have to make sure that you reference the blog ID as Armadillo 2 supports multiple blogs on one site.

I highly recommend contacting the developer (Jonathan) directly. He and his team are great at support and he will be able to help you better than anyone with situations like this. I doubt the issue is your hosting company, or Armadillo. But if there is a problem with either then Jonathan will know about it, or fix it. You can contact him at this page:

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@Mathew is right. Nimblehost offer excellent support.

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@fat56 – I had the same problem as you did. I contacted Jon at NimbleHost and he walked me through until I fixed my own mistakes. NimbleHost has one of the best customer supports around.

As @peterdanckwerts explains, the new version of Armadillo has a different functionality than previous versions.

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Thanks everybody for the help. There is no doubt in my mind that i messed something up. Johnathan responded to my query early, early this morning. Very impressive!! Im sure he’ll have it fixed before long.


And there has been an email from Nimblehost about a problem:

I’m so struggling with getting any kind of blog started. So frustrating.

Hi, @Gabrielle, if you have Armadillo, make sure you are using the latest version, follow instructions closely and if you still have a problem, contact Jonathan. I am sure he will help you to get things going. If you use another blog platform, I would seriously consider Armadillo. Good luck…

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The main thing is to first get your database setup.
Then you enter those info in the armadillo main stack.
Then you obviously publish your page.
Then you login to armadillo online. You’ll be prompted to set up.
When that’s done, you’ll see your blog created. Note the ID.
Go back to RW to add a Blog stack and use the ID you noted down.
If you can get to the stage where the blog is created in armadillo then the blog stack part is just to make sure you put in the correct blog Id.

Otherwise, yes, Jonathan and his team are very helpful and very good with support.

They’ll be able to help you.

Stick with you it. Once you get it working you’ll love it.

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@bevan has it perfect. I somehow missed the part where you have to add the armadillo blog stack. It’s like using +kit in that you have to have the main stack on your site for it to work, THEN you can go back in and add the other armadillo stacks that will actually be seen on your site.

Jonathan was very helpful and didnt make me feel like an idiot for making a , let’s just say “novice”, mistake.

The old version (pre 2.6) you don’t have to add the blog stack…the Armadillo stack will create one for you (ID = 1).
If you upgrade your page to 2.6 from a previous version, if you did nothing and you have the Armadillo main stack and blog stack, you’ll get your blog on the same page twice.
Jonathan told me to go to Settings and change to ‘no default blog’, which when I looked, it’s already the case. But I saved the settings again anyway, and the duplicate blog disappeared.
From 2.6 on, if you create a new blog, then you need to add a blog stack (and just supply the ID from Armadillo (website)).
Yeah, Jonathan was very helpful to me…He’s probably cursing me with all the dumb questions but he was very patient and helpful. Karn was too.

+1 to Karn. Dude helped me a ton when i first got started back in 2010.

Thanks for all the info. I’m currently going back to PulsePro to see if I can get it working. If that doesn’t work then I’ll consider Armadillo or RW/Writer again.

Armadillo isn’t hard to setup depending on your hosting company. @nimblehost has excellent support and should be able to help you out if you get stuck.

Nimble host does have a list of known hosting company’s that work
But any unix/Linux based host should work with PHP 5.3+ and MySQL support.
No windows server (aka IIS) are supported.

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Armadillo works! Thanks to all of you for your advice, and to Jonathan for being simply super :-).

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