Lost project in RW7

RW7. I am working on two projects at the moment and have been switching between the two without problems. The other day only one came up on pressing the project button. The other one has disappeared. My latest additions to that site are all there on the web but for further additions I’m unable to open the project. Both projects have been working fine in RW7, so far. Any ideas how to solve this? The project is www.gambay.net.

Where did you save the project file?

If you have been using the RW7 backup feature in the Publishing window then you will have a .zip copy of your project on your server. You need to access it via your hosting company or an ftp program and download it, unzip it and hey presto it should be all there. It should be called something like F3A086ED-04A0-41CF-BC07-71761D5596F3_rwbackup or similar, your back is inside this folder. I’ve just tried it and it’s an exact copy of my original project. All this is useless unless you used the backup option but why wouldn’t you?

Do a search on your mac for *.rw and you’ll find the sitefiles. Rapidweaver does NOT delete sitefiles from your computer. Your ‘Recents’ list is propagated from OSX not Rapidweaver.

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Thanks you interest. I found the project file and I’m back in biz.

For some strange reason I could not find the project file when searching the Mac. However, eventually, it tuned up through
MacKeeper. Strange, but I don’t mind. The important tyhing was to get it back. But why and how did it disappear from the project list in the first place?

Thanks your reply. I have not been using the RW7 backup feature but will def activate that function.

Google MacKeeper and read the first half dozen results (the one’s that aren’t obvious reviews by the 'developer).