Can't publish updated pages

Ok sorry I’m so inexperienced, but I’m on a Mac so there isn’t a “right click”, otherwise I like the concept of of publishing each page to a folder to find the issue. How do I do this on a Mac?

Yes, there is a right-click equivalent: control-click. On many software programs control-click is used to see extra options.

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That was lame of me to ask that question. I googled it, “control-click” is the equivalent, and low and behold, page by page I was able to update the entire site. Nothing failed.

I don’t understand how it’s “fixed” now, but it seems to be. Thank you to all of you who gave me suggestions to investigate.

It could be something in resources.

Try publishing all files.

Btw: I haven’t seen a single button mouse in decades. I don’t think Apple has offered one for a very long time.

I’m using an older MacBook Pro with the pad.

I thought about publishing all files, but with it working doing control-click, I don’t want something to get messed up. I know, be brave, go for it!

Try it to a local folder,

That way you won’t mess up your published site, but we can identify what might be an issue in the future.

My guess is that something you might have in the resources that’s not working.

at the moment i’m everytime publishing to my local folder and then using Cyberduck to upload the folder to my webspace.
It’s for me a while impossible to upload direct from RW. Can’t find the problem.

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