Publishing problem

Using Rapidweaver 5.3.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8

Have’nt had a problem in the beginning but now the publish feature seems to only work intermittently. It appears to be going through the motions of publishing updates to the site but when I view it online the changes arent implemented. have tried re-publish all files but still not reliable. Sometimes it works but lots of times not. Whats happening and can it be fixed

I’m still using 10.6.8 along with RW 5.3.2. RW sometimes refuses to publish but if I click on Publish Settings > Test Connection and get that working fine, then publishing does work. I can’t recall ever having your issue.

I’m at Chillidog hosting where Greg is very helpful (as well as knowledgeable) …

I’m on OS 10.11.2 and using RW 6.3.7 and have recently had similar problems. I tried to do a Publish all pages and would get almost to the end (610 files out of 638) and it would quit. So I generally publish one page at a time as I usually only make changes on one page.

I have been able to do same as you @CrisBCT and click on Publish Settings > Test Connection and that works fine, then when I go back to publishing, it works fine. Wish I knew the answer to this predicament.



You can try to reduce the number of simultaneous connections and see if that resolves the issue (usually does).

Perhaps it is a specific file causing the issue, look at your server logs to see where the upload is failing.

Are you publishing when in edit view or preview mode inside RW?


i ran into this today, when publishing my blog page that i use for announcements.

Brad, I had reduced the number of simultaneous connections some time ago when I first learned that you could. Not sure if that had any effect. I’m not knowledgeable enough to look at server logs but will see if I can figure it out.



Hi Mary

Sometimes the server is left with open connections and you have to call your host to clear them (as reported elsewhere in the forum).

Please send host specifics to as they will want to go through them for testing likely to see if an issue with their end or server end.

Best I can do on this one Mary, sorry.