Updated to Rapidweaver 8.2 & can't publish anymore

I just updated to Rapidweaver 8.2 and I can’t publish anymore. The publish button is completely inactive. I am using MAC OS.10.15.7.
Did something fundamentally change with the upgrade? Any clues anybody as before the update I had no problems.

Have you tried making a change to your project and relaunching RapidWeaver?

Yes, I’ve relaunched and restarted everything.
I found one thing that worked and that was in the menu concerning files, there is an option to “ republish all files “. This is the only thing that worked.

Does publishing single pages work? Or “Parent” pages with Sub-Pages?
(Right click on page in left page and “Publish this page” and “Publish with Sub-Pages”

From which version did you upgraded?

Also 8.2 is old. Current version is 8.9.1.

What happens if you click on test or browse in the publishing options?

My fault, it is version 8.9.1.

I have never been able to publish directly and have had to publish to a local folder and then use FTP client to publish my pages. Has this problem been solved with the new update?

Hi there, Did the browse button and tried using Rapidweaver directly and got the following.
I am pretty sure I have enough disc space, but will go and check again.

Are you publishing FTP or SFTP? I’ve heard of several folks having problems with FTP (from within RW), but are just fine when they set things up for SFTP (which is the better way to go anyways).


Does this still work?

Without more information, it’s going too hard for anyone to help you out here.

With so many publishing settings, and even more hosting options we would need some basic information to start helping debug what’s going on.
To start

  1. Name of hosting company
  2. Screenshots of your publishing settings
  3. Screenshots of the message that you are getting

You can also have a look here

Do check you have enough disk space on your server, this could well be the issue…

For about 18 months ago I had, not exactly, but almost same problem.Every time I made a adjustment I had to exit RW and load again to publish. After reading topics here and trying different suggestions I found the problem at my hosting company - I was their server that cursed the problem. They put me on a newer and more stable - and then it all worked fine.
Well, as mentioned, it’s not quite same problem as topic, but just to give a reply.


Thanks so much for sharing, hopefully I will work out what is going on.

Hi, thanks for this, I am going to make a checklist and check each possibility.
Haven’t got a lot of time at minute as this is not my main job; this is just on the side and it would have been nice not to have any glitches. Such is life :grinning:

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