Can't Save Any Changes

Hi. New to the forum. Upgraded to RSW 6 a while back. Tried to make changes to my project but Rapidweaver will not save the changes. Tried to save the project to a new file etc and again RapoidWeaver will not let me save…always get the notice :smile:
"The document “Levgo.rw6” could not be saved. If this happens again, please contact Realmac Software support. "

Also, when I did the upgrade RW created Levgo.rw6 from Levgo.rwsw but the new file icon is not colored.

Any help would be appreciated.

I wasn’t having any problems until today when I made some changes and tried to save under the old name and got same message as @maggieL Also same message when trying to “save as” under new name. All I changed was some text on one of the pages and I checked that all stacks were up to date. What gives???



The ‘preview image’ for your project file is something that is controlled in 2 different places (AND they can conflict).

So, the first place is RapidWeaver → Preferences

The Second is in Stacks Preferences…

I leave both unchecked so I get the standard site icon, I don’t want to be slowing my old 2011 Man-Mini any more than I have to lol

@maggieL & @bpequine, this is a tough one to crack, some people have it, some don’t…

So questions:

  1. Are you saving in edit view mode 1 or 2 or 3 (Left, Centre, Right)?

  2. Are you saving in Edit mode or Preview mode?

  3. Do you have Stacks Library open or closed?

  4. Do you have Page Inspector open or closed?

  5. Is Manage Addons open (behind project file)?


@turtle Thank you for your suggestions.
I have both RW and stacks preferences unchecked as you suggest.
I always use edit mode 3 (far right) and generally save in edit mode rather than preview mode. Not sure if I’ve ever saved in preview mode.
Stacks library, page inspector and Manage Addons are all closed.

But here’s the funny part. I went ahead and published the page that I had updated and it published fine. Still can’t save the project

I often work on more than one project at a time and the other project I was working on, saved and published OK (when I published as individual pages). BUT the other project’s file icon is now PURPLE and all my RW6 project files are white.

Still frustrated,



Hi Mary

Yes, the default Theme image is the one you describe when both quick look previews and Homepage Preview are unchecked. This will get updated as you open each project file (I believe).

My recommendation was meant to clarify that you should choose one or the other. Please note that I believe @nikf said that that image only gets updated weekly (I believe) when having the Homepage Preview option checked.

OK, so perhaps your saving issue is related to having multiple projects open at the same time and 1 or more timing out, this information is important to @nikf as it will assist him in squashing this bug once and for all. Please provide the details above to

Others are experiencing saving issues when in Preview mode but have not deduced it=f they have multiple projects open at the same time yet though… It could be one, both or either that is at fault or partially at fault for the save issue.

Others have reported bringing their mac back from sleep has caused save issues with left open projects.

Personally, I only experienced this particular bug once in 6.3.5 and has not occurred to me again and I do have several projects open concurrently, close everything prior to Mac going to sleep (Screensaver seems to be ok).

Anyway, I am not the programmer so have tried to help as much as able, please contact support and hopefully they can squash this bug once and for all.

Happy Days :slightly_smiling: