Stacks 4 Formatting and Find Function Don't Work

So this has been a problem for a LONG TIME (since the beginning of Stacks, as far as I know), and I’m wondering how the rest of you are dealing with it.

ISSUE ONE - this is a minor one, but annoying. In short, you can’t find and replace (or find at all) for text inside of a text stack. Any workarounds?

ISSUE TWO - when working with text inside of a stack that is formatted as H1, H2, etc., the area that is typically highlighted as green to show that it is highlighted is no longer consistent. In other words, not formatted text shows up as green and sometimes formatted text does not show up as green. It displays properly when published, but in EDIT view it is impossible to discern. Here is an example:

In this example, only the headers that say Headline 1, Headline 2, and Headline 3, are actually formatted. But as you can see, everything is highlighted green indicating that it all has formatting. How do you guys workaround this? When there is lots of formatting and lots of text, this is a real big pain in the butt!

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@logosgraphics This reply doesn’t really answer your question. This could be a bug in RW or something else. But in general I would suggest moving away from styled text and somewhat funky ways to indicate special formatting and move on over to markdown. It’s a simple “language” that will take you about an hour to learn (even with practice). RW comes with Markdown pages, Stacks comes with a Markdown stack, BWD offers a super feature-rich Markdown stack called Scribe. So Markdown is very welcome in the RW community.

When using markdown you don’t need to use this somewhat archaic select-then-highlight approach. Everything is much cleaner and clearer.

I realize you may want to stay with styled text, and that’s fine. But in the end it is a slightly more awkward way to developing and seeing your text.

I moved over to Markdown once RW and Stacks introduced it and have never looked back. How I’ve formatted text is much more transparent and obvious.

In the event you don’t want to switch to markdown, then you’re better off using a header stack for each heading with a text stack beneath for the paragraph.


Thanks for the idea. I appreciate it.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I think you are using the text stack wrong…if you want to do the html…then use the html stack…
Take a look:

Top stack is a text stack…all styled text…no green highlight required.
Bottom stack is a html stack with all html coding.

Thanks for the help, but I think you misunderstood me. I am using a TEXT STACK. But I am highlighting the H1, H2, H3, etc. Typically this highlighted text which has been formatted to H1, for example, shows up as being highlighted in green in a text stack. The same goes for a regular styled text page in Rapidweaver. But since Stacks 3, it is not consistent in the PREVIEW Mode. Here is another example:

As you can see, the green part that is highlighted in preview mode shows a ton of text highlighted, when in reality only the text “DIVING FINS” is formatted as H1. Here’s what it looks like published:

I’m just curious how the rest of you guys are dealing with this out there since this bug has not been addressed and we’re already in Stacks 4 now.

Most times I just use styled text…no html…no marking to ignore formatting.
I do a bunch of sites a month and have never had any issues…I am currently using BWD’s Paragraph Pro…

If I want to use H1, etc…I use Header Pro…much more control.

It appears that this same odd formatting happens on a styled text page. I believe that Stacks uses the same text editing engine provided by RW in text stacks. This is likely a bug that RW will need to look at.

Ah. Okay. Well then, I guess I’ll just have to live with it. I’m surprised more haven’t complained about this bug. I have to assume that using H1 formatting is something everybody uses on a daily basis.

I think most people using stacks use a header stack for headers. Either the one included with Stacks or one of the many very good third-party ones. If they aren’t using a header stack, then they are likely using markdown.

Perhaps, RealMac isn’t aware of the bug. You may want to report it.

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I have asked many times over the years about the lack of find and replace within Stacks, and have gotten nowhere. I guess the function doesn’t seem important or valuable enough to implement. RW itself offers the feature with its text function. A basic example of why this is beyond useful for some of us. I produce a bunch of sites that contain sections of event listings. Imagine having to relink literally hundreds of listings one at a time, or dealing with content that has recurrent bits. For some this is a minor annoyance, but for others it is a huge issue.

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