%text% showing in text stacks and unable to edit

Randomly, a number of my text stacks in various projects are showing %text% and nothing else in Edit mode. Clicking on them does nothing and I am unable to edit the text.

toggling between preview and edit a few times normally sorts it but not at first attempt.

Any idea what is going on?

Everything up to date under El Capitan and text stacks are either the standard ones or Doobox Text X

I know too. Is a bit annoying.

I’ve also seen this from time to time. Sorry I have no clue why it does this seems random but i’m sure it’s not.

Usually when the rendering of edit mode is mangled in some way then it’s a good indication that some content on that page is broken or very very slow.

To find these types of errors the easiest way is to make a copy of your file to experiment with. Then start deleting stacks on the page and see if the error persists. When you eliminate the error, you’ve found the culprit.

Here is some more specific technical info about some of the causes behind managed edit mode:

  • Bad Styles
    The most common cause of this is that some text was pasted in from another app that contains styles that confuse the RapidWeaver HTML rendering engine. When this happens the HTML produced gets very confused and the page is not able to fully render its content.
    To fix this type of problem just select the text and select Clear Formatting from the Format menu.

  • Bad HTML
    Usually a bit more obvious, but also very common, is an HTML/CSS/JS typo. If you have HTML block that you’ve entered your own code, then you’ll want to look there first. Everyone makes mistakes – and when you make a bad enough mistake it can break Edit mode rendering.
    To fix this type of error, just ensure your HTML is valid and working and all of your tags are closed. It’s good to test out your HTML on a separate HTML page to make sure it’s working well first.

  • Slow/Broken 3rd Party Stack(s)
    When there is so much content or the content is so complex that it takes several seconds to render to the screen Stacks edit mode gives up waiting and just does its best. This can happen when you add dozens of very large images to your page or lots of complex 3rd party stacks.
    When you page is so slow/complex that Edit mode cannot render it, then it’s a good indication that the exported page on your site will also be very slow. And the best way to eliminate this type of error is to simplify your page. Choose simpler ways of displaying the content or display a bit less. Many users won’t wait around for a slow page to load, especially on mobile, so it really pays off to do as much as you can to keep things simple.


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Thanks for the detailed response - I shall investigate

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Like you I have also had this problem. I usually resort to deleting the stack and starting over. I really is very annoying when there’s just no way one can access the content of the stack to correct it.

This occurred quite frequently in RW 6.3.6 + 6.3.7 with Stacks 3.03 and Stacks 3.0.4, does not occur with RW 6.3.8 & Stacks 3.0.5


Beg to differ - I’m using RW 6.3.8 and stacks 3.0.5 and it’s happening quite a bit.

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OSX Version?

I’m using 10.11.4 but it worked fine in 10.11.3 as well (for me)

Have you tried a restart of Mac to see if the issue persists?

I don’t have every stack/plugin/theme available but it could be related to an older stack as Isaiah says or copied and pasted text without clearing/ignoring formatting…


10.11.4 but had the issue in 10.11.3.

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Sounds like a bug. Perhaps you should contact our support and send some of the details. I’d recommend sending the simplest file that you can create that demonstrates the problem clearly. Send to support@yourhead.com



Sometimes the bug appears in Markdown Sites too.

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I will try - difficulty is it does seem to be quite random. No instances of it at all today. So not sure how to create a site where it will definitely happen.

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if there are things that make it seem more/less likely that would also be helpful.

the challenge for us here is that we have never seen it happen. not once. there is very likely a triggering mechanism – for example: maybe a feature that a 3rd-party stack uses, or perhaps a specific type of content.

whatever that mechanism is, a few have it, but most (like me) do not.

in order to fix a problem (or help you work around it) i need to understand it. without knowing this key triggering mechanism i’m very much in the dark without any understanding whatsoever.

what would be helpful: the next time you experience this problem take your hands off the keyboard and mouse. stop. think. what was the very last thing you did. is anything unique about this document or this page? have you been using RapidWeaver for a long time? is the document very big? is the page very complex or very simple? is there a particular 3rd party stack involved? did you recently add/remove something? did you recently publish the document? open? save? or recently switch pages?

most of these details, of course, are probably unrelated – however if each person that experienced this sent me their details (yes, it’s always more helpful to send direct to me rather than posting here, thx!) then there might be a common thread that could be found and used to track down such an elusive bug.


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Definitely will put some time into this as soon as I can - cheers

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I have started RapidWeaver fresh, then I open a new project with one page and put the same code from the snippets in a text-, a markdown- and a html stack.

<img class="imageStyle" alt="Bild 1" src="%resource(image.png)%" width="460" height="345">

I just wanted to say that it happened in markdown too, not only in a text stacks.
But I can not repeat this.

Right now happened again, with the same procedure.

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@Oscar - If you repeat the exact same procedure does the problem happen reliably every time?

Could you be a bit more precise about what i should do?

  1. launch RW
  2. new document
  3. add a Stacks page
  4. ???
  5. ???
  6. paste in the above code
  7. ???
  8. ???

… and then problem is visible.

There are a lot of question marks where you are doing some things. I’ve attempted to guess at what you might be doing there – but I’m apparently guessing incorrectly since I do not see the problem.

Are you running RapidWeaver 6 or the something else?
What version of Stacks are you using?
What other plugins do you have installed?
Does the problem occur if you temporarily remove all others?

also: are there any error messages logged to the Console ? (if you don’t know what that means, you can just ignore it)


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RW 6.3.8
Stacks 3.0.5
OSX 10.11.3

Open RW
New project
Add Stacks page
Add a text, a markdown and a html stack
copy and paste my code

Now, nothing happens. I cannot repeat this now.
This evening 2 x %markdown%
Console shows this.

Perhaps tomorrow :wink:

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ok folks… :stuck_out_tongue:

perhaps, just to reduce the noise here: please refrain from posting unless you can readily duplicate the problem right now.

@Oscar - right console – but it’s only really interesting right as the problem happens. you don’t need to post it again until you see the problem.

@Turtle - please delete this post, your assumption was incorrect and it will likely confuse folks – i was referring to the system console just as @oscar intuited.

When someone is experiencing it please try to answer a few of the questions i mentioned above. thx



If anyone can reliably reproduce this problem, we would really love to hear about it. But it’s probably best to just shoot an email to support@yourhead.com

Christi Carew
YourHead Software

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