Can't start using this program

I purchased RapidWeaver 7, looked at the videos, but how do I get a dashboard so I can start building my website?

Hi there,

do you mean a dashboard like the one you get in WordPress? If that’s the case, then you don’t get one. Rapidweaver’s a standalone program. You build the site using the program and then upload it to your web server - as opposed to building it online the way you do with WordPress.

If I’ve misunderstood, shout out and we’ll do our best to help.


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Oh, I finally got it.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t know what else to call it. I have to watch the tutorials very carefully. He clicked on the + box in the left corner and that opens up what I was looking for. I don’t understand what to do with add-ons and stacks. I can’t find information to help me know what I need. This is a new system and vocabulary to me. I have looked at the tutorials and they are helpful to a point.

What does a markdown page do and iframe? What should I build an “about me” page on? I want to use as much as I can in add-ons before I start purchasing stacks. I want to have three clickable photos across my home page below the banner with text under each of them. Each photo will be linked to a separate page, where information will be for the service I provide. What stack does that?

I want to rebuild the website I created four years ago using Freeway Pro. Last week I discovered that the company who created the program went out of business sometime in the past 2 years and my website is about to crash. I don’t have time to make mistakes or waste money with this. My business is dead in the water right now. It pulls up a 404 error and my clients can’t get to it or refer anyone to it.

Hi Johanna, the rapidweaver manual can give you some different descriptions of the various Add-Ons.

In short - an iFrame page would let you display a seperate website on your page. Markdown is a ‘language’ (that is different from html) that allows you to format your content.

From what you describe, you’d probably mostly use a Styled Text page.

I honestly haven’t used anything other than Stacks in quite a while, though, so I’d have to go back and play around with the settings to instruct you how to get the 3-image layout you’re looking for.

(Edit: if you had the time / interest / budget - this would be quite easy to accomplish with Stacks)


New problem. I added a Photo Album page and the first time I loaded photos it worked. I tried to delete a photo and ended up deleting the page. I got another Photo Album plug-in page and dropped my photos on it again, just like they show in the tutorial, but now they will not stay there. I have tried it several times with no success. I deleted the page a couple times and started over. Nothing helps. I closed the program and reopened it. Not helping. I can’t figure out what else to do. Anybody ever have this difficulty? Also, how do you delete one photo once you get them working on there?