Rapidweaver8 without addons

From the free tutorial video that I’ve watched entitled Create and Publish with Rapidweaver8
I think I could build our web site with just the Rapidweaver alone
and it will work perfectly,

  • Anyone here can tell me if this is a good option and if it will work perfectly once I
    uploaded it on line ?
  • Aside from the free tutorial video, anybody here can show me a website that was
    built using just the Rapidweaver alone without any Addons ?


Hi Norman,

RapidWeaver will work perfectly on its own for building simple websites. Your completed websites will look and work perfectly.

Styled Text and Markdown are good page types to use. Type or paste your content into these as plain text. RapidWeaver will insert this content into your page. You also have option to change your title, slogan, sidebar and footer text. Some newer themes also support dragged and dropped banner images too. There is quite a lot you can change to make a website look like your own.

Perhaps worth remembering that before big plugins like Blocks and Stacks came along, this is how we all used RapidWeaver!

Definitely wise to start small and learn the basics of building and publishing simple websites in RapidWeaver. Lots of people here can help you with any other questions or problems you run into.

The modular nature of RapidWeaver means it is easy to buy-into third party addons at a later time, if you need them for specific jobs. I suspect the Stacks plugin might eventually be first on your list.

Sample RapidWeaver project files are included already. I don’t think they use any addons. These are good to play around with or repurpose for your own website. These sample projects should be listed in the RapidWeaver start screen.



I’m in the same situation as Norman. I wanted to produce a really simple site to support an iOS app I’m developing - Apple like you to have such a site - without buying add-ons for functionality that I didn’t yet need, and I was able to do it. What really amazed mey, and continues to do so, was that there was no manual for the basic RapidWeaver product to help the first-time user. So for example, when Will mentions Styled Text and Markdown, I don’t really know what he’s talking about! I can’t think of another paid-for software product of this complexity that doesn’t have fairly extensive Help and reference material available on line - and I’m not talking about videos, I’m talking about material you can search. So, good luck with your first site, and I’m sure you will get lots of friendly help from this forum - in my experience, you’re going to need it!

Here is the manual for RW 7 which is the only free manual I’m aware of.

The best place to get help is through this forum.
Although I have asked a question that was asked previously, wasn’t answered and has remained unanswered. I probably should direct it to the developer.
Good luck.

Thanks, I’ll certainly use the manual. As a quite new user, I had no notion of the history of RapidWeaver before version 8. In time I assume I’ll work out the difference between the versions.


Just using RapidWeaver 7 and the theme Voyager Pro.


Very basic, but it is my only website.

I paid to upgrade to Voyager Pro, so does that count as an addon?



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