Lost Project in Rapidweaver 8 ..... HELP Please


I have a Published and functioning website I created in Rapidweaver 8. My 16 month old MacBook Battery expanded and ruined the mother board. I have reconnected it now that it has been repaired. I am finding all of my files except this one RW file. Is there any way to download it from my server ? …Any help is appreciated !


First thing to do is search your Mac’s hard disk for any .rw8 files. Hopefully, that will find it.

If not, did you check the ‘Backup Frequency’ option in Rapidweaver’s publishing settings? If so, you can download your project file as a zip.

Finally, have you got a working backup of the hard drive in something like Time Machine? If so, you’ll find it there.

Good luck!


Unfortunately the file for just this 1 project is gone. I did try to download backup but got a 404 error …

I was able to use FTP to download

the html one opens up like it’s the site and all the other pages are in order. I saved the entire file to my desktop.

I just do not know how to create it as a Project again in RW … I truly appreciate any help…

Unfortunately you can’t make a RW project file from the downloaded site.

If you can’t find the original project or a backup of the original, you’ll need to start with a new project and copy and paste.

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