Can't Upload to Server

• Rapid weaver can’t upload my website.

• When I try to upload, eventually I have to cancel out, then Rapidweaver freezes and I have to force quit.

• I experienced this failure a couple of weeks ago when I tried to update my website (created and uploaded by Rapidweaver).

• Today as a last resort I deleted my website from the server and tried to start from scratch but the failure persists.

• My hosting provider tells me everything is fine at their end.

I’ve researched on this forum and the only solution I’ve found is to downgrade to a previous version of Rapidweaver. Does anyone have an alternative solution please?

What settings are you using in the Publishing dialogue box?

Until you resolve this try Exporting to local folder and uploading with ftp (sftp) app. That will also help you resolve any connection issue. If you can upload with ftp then use same settings in RW.

When you set up your publishing in RapidWeaver, it gives you an option to Test the setup. There is a button on the bottom. What does that say when you click it??

First of all, thank you for your suggestions.

. My publishing settings are correct, as they were when I last used Rapidweaver to upload my site successfully.
. I uploaded my site this evening using Cute FTP Pro. Unfortunately, the site didn’t render correctly and only two links worked, so I couldn’t check the rest of the site.

Preview display

Online display

. I uninstalled Rapidweaver and re-installed with a download from the Realmac website. This time my site uploaded successfully, but the inaccurate rendering and styling has messed up the presentation, although the site displays correctly in Rapidweaver’s preview using Safari, Firefox and Chrome. It seems I’ll have to re-build the site from scratch unless someone has a solution.

At least I can upload it when it’s done!

Thanks again for your suggestions.

My guess is an CSS or JavaScript file is not loading on the live site. Have you checked the developer console in Safari for errors?

A link to the live site will help us see what’s going on.

Thanks, Don.

• No faults in the developer console as far as I can see (I’m not a developer, just a self-taught “civilian”)
• As reported, all preview displays are correct (Rapidweaver, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)

The first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning was that there might be some corruption from previous uploads still on the server. I’ve completely emptied my directory and started a fresh upload now that Rapidweaver’s upload facility is working correctly and I’ll update on here later today.

Hi Ben,

• “Ditto” on the copy and paste.
• My links didn’t work, either
• Layout and pictures copied OK, but text content was also lost
• I agree that the problem came “out of the blue” – I have no clue as to why it happened in the first instance
• Yes, I’m running macOS High Sierra 10.13.4


If anyone else suffers this problem I’d recommend the following:

• Delete Rapidweaver
• Download a new copy of the app. from Realmac
• Delete all files from your directory on the server (using cPanel I selected my Home folder and deleted everything from it)

• Upload your site from Rapidweaver

I hope this helps to solve the “can’t upload” problem!

Sorry it didn’t work for you, Ben - it’s certainly been a steep learning curve for me. I found that if you open two instances of Rapidweaver you can copy and paste complete pages from one project to another. Add the page resources and you’re done.

I also discovered that the HTML5 video stack doesn’t function in Firefox or Chrome this morning when I checked – either that or Rapidweaver’s acting up again. I’ve had to switch all my videos to YouTube until I can sort out what’s happened, which I’m not too happy about!

I’ve just tested the HTML5 video stack with an mp4 video in Firefox and it works.

HTML5 Video works for me as well in Firefox, Chrome and Safari without issue.

Thanks fellas,

The pages carrying video content were impossibly slow to load with HTML5. The MP4’s ranged in size from c 15MB to 19MB and I might have been asking too much as I have three video’s on one page. Using YT hosting solved the load-up problem.

As I wrote earlier, I’m very much an amateur in all this, although I managed to create a website with Dreamweaver some years ago - but that programme wasn’t like Rapidweaver. If you know of a way that I could solve the loading problem while keeping everything “in house” with Rapidweaver and HTML5 I’d be most grateful to receive your input.

Best regards,


I don’t know of any good solutions for you if you want everything to be “in house”. A page with about 50 Mb of material to download is asking a lot. There are probably ways that you can make it a bit more efficient, but I don’t know of anything that will actually make the page load fast. I’m not completely sure using even one video will load fast enough for most folks. But you could certainly try putting only 1 video on the page and seeing how that works.

Why not using something like Vimeo? I have one of their paid plans so I don’t remember all the differences between paid and free. But … at least for my plan Vimeo allows me to make the video “hidden” from searches and people finding the video on Vimeo or via web searches. That’s awfully nice. And their videos will load fast on a page. I often have 2 to 4 videos on one page and it does load slower than a regular, non-video, page the difference is something akin to a load time of 3 seconds instead of 2. Certainly quick enough.

If you truly need to have the videos on your own server … then there’s another trick you can try. Upload your videos to Vimeo. Let Vimeo process. Once done there is an option to download the video: original (which you obviously don’t want) and one of a few differently sized “optimized” versions. In all likelihood the optimized version will be much smaller than the original, and will run much faster on your website. So then upload that version to your server.

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Hi Mathew and thank you for your suggestions.

One thing I hadn’t considered in association with slow page loading was my broadband provider, and it seems there are inconsistencies in the service that may have affected my website. This isn’t a new phenomenon - we live in a rural area (West Pennine Moors) that’s notorious for poor (terrestrial) TV, broadband and mobile phone reception.

“Slow mode” page loading disappeared, re-appeared and disappeared again, all within a few hours this evening, so I’ll re-install HTML5 and test the site again tomorrow.

Thanks again for your input - wish me luck!

Well, it’s been quite a steep learning curve so far, but I think I might have graduated from ”no-hoper” to “absolute beginner” and I feel quite pleased with the results from what I’ve learnt:

• Of Chrome, Firefox and Safari, Firefox always loaded correctly after I’d updated my site. Chrome and safari required cleared caches as they kept ‘hanging on’ to previous versions of the new pages, Safari being the most stubborn.
• I downloaded an open source video compression programme that dramatically reduced mp4 file sizes, then I re-inserted HTML5 stacks and the problem of video-heavy pages refusing to load promptly was eliminated
• Finally, I have a much clearer idea of how to work with Rapidweaver and shall be pressing on to expand the site with a bit more practice.

Thanks to everyone for your replies to my ditherings and may all your tech problems be solved. :+1::v:

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