It is absurd RW8 doesn't include CAPTCHA

Just for the record, it is absurd that RW8 doesn’t include some default type of CAPTCHA - e.g., reCAPTCHA or similar.

To make matters worse, it appears that there is no way to add CAPTCHA to the built-in contact form through added code that I could copy and paste from Google or many other sources.

I am now receiving dozens of spam emails daily through a built-in contact form ( and I will be forced to rework the form in a third-party tool (that I now need to research, purchase, and learn) in order to prevent this. This is an investment I shouldn’t need to make in an already well overbooked schedule. (I will need to postpone it to another time…)

Ok - rant over.


Pull the form and replace with an obscured email link.

Does the site get any traffic other than spambots though? There’s essentially no content, no does it even need to exist?

Formloom 4 supports Captcha, Security Questions, reCaptcha v3 plus a few other security / anti-spam options.


I think I’d rather say that it’s beyond absurd - it’s appalling - that we should still need to have to deal with one of the largest and most widespread illegalities, nuisances, acts of selfishness and blatant e-terrorism (referring of course to the trillions of phone call, email, text, forum and form muck that a few hundred outfits think they have the right to inflict on the rest of us) that the world has ever known.

For a simple form get Doobox HTML Contact Stack - honeypot method built in - quick and cheap. For more complex forms - my choice would be Formloom 4 although I’m sure some of the others out there are very good also - just I have used Formloom on many sites.

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Looking at the site it doesn’t look like you are using stacks. That will limit your options. Formloom is a plugin that doesn’t require stacks.


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