Cart2 or other with variable pricing

Hi all,

I’m wondering if anybody can help me with a questions regarding Yuzools Cart2 or another cart option.

I need to be able to have a variable price option different to the standard price.

My client sells car items and has a price either fitted or not fitted and I need to be able to have his customers select a product and then select either fitted or not fitted at a different price point. I can’t see method to do this with Cart2. Any suggestions please? I suppose I could do an item for fitted and another item not fitted but it would be much easier to use the Variable item Cart2 stack and make one price fitted and another unfitted.

I do have RapidCartPro and I know this has this option plus many others options but I’m looking for a simpler method to RapidCart.

Thanks for your help. Scott

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Thanks @scottjf

As you suggest one work around would be to do 2 buttons… you can separate them by tabs or pills with another Stack to make a nice layout

That said, Variable Items exist for different options, but not pricing (not yet anyway!)

Hi Michael,
Thanks, yes that’s what I thought and am trying but I’m having an issue on my draft site…link to page where I have put Cart2

So far the only product I’ve done is the first one. Purpleline E-GO Titanium EGO400
I am using Foundry and have put the Cart2 Base at the top…well actually under the Foundry base stack. Then using Foundry’s Modal stock where I have more info and this is where the 2 Cart2 Item buttons are placed.

One is working as expected…the Fitting at £90 but the actual product Order Now button £655 doesn’t add to the Cart??

I must admit the first time I tried in Preview mode it worked but then it didn’t. I have now test published the draft site but still that Buy Now not adding to cart as expected but the other one is adding to cart.

Any thoughts?

Cheers Scott

Hi Michael,
I think I’ve worked out the issue.
I didn’t have an Item Name in the general settings of the Cart2 Item stack, even though I had it Show Title unticked it seems like a compulsory setting to have an Item Name.

So, I have put an Item Name in and republished the RW file and it seems to be working as expected now.

Thanks, any other issues I’ll let you know.

Cheers Scott

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Thanks Scott - yes sorry. It’s compulsory to send that data to PayPal/Stripe for distinction of the item - but can be hidden on the site view if desired.

Glad you found a solution!

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