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Hello guys from Yuzool :wink:

My question is about Cart2

Concerning the CHECK OUT WINDOW (after you have validated your cart), I’d like to know if it would be possible to change the “asked items”.

We have now ; name - street - zip - code - city…

It would be great if we could ask for a téléphone number.
And even better if we could have a little menu, for example to choose a place where the items will be delivered (for a little producer that have a few places where his clients can take away their products). In fact ; this menu could be the same thing that you provide for each item…

Thank you for your answer :wink:

Couple of ways to do this:

  • Redirect upon success field - link them to a RW form and use this form to collect the final information such as “telephone number” and “where to deliver” text field
  • PayPal you can switch on a “more information” box and collect the info there
  • Stripe can have a telephone field, but to get the other info it’s most likely best to redirect to a RW form to collect the rest

Looks like a duplicate question?

Hello Michael and thanks for your answer.

My first question was just about Cart 2 : that’s why I created a second one for my second question, that is more general… I didn’t want to mix, not really a duplicate question, I swear :wink:

As the project is for a “little producer”, after a little walk around, I thought that Cart2 was the simplest and cheaper solution for him. But then came this “shipping” question" and I wanted to know if things could be changed for users like me :wink:

In your propositions, collecting the information is done after checking (and paying) ; but I need that to be done before, as it has an effect on the price.

I thought about Jamesbond’s answer : looks like the best idea to keep using cart2 : Now I’ll refer to my client, it will be his choice.

Thanks again for your answer !


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No worries @luzule and good luck with the client project and hopefully it goes ahead :slight_smile:

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