RapidCart Pro: Error 404: no response from Support

I have bought a licence for RapidCart Pro. I’ve had problems from the outset, getting an Error 404 when trying to access a test store I’ve created on the Internet.

I wrote to Foreground Support on 14 January and, despite their website promise to respond within 24 hours, as well as follo-up prompts from me, I have not yet received any response.

Does anyone have any experience of getting recent support from Foreground?

Would anyone have a suggestion why I cannot get a page that works on my Mac in RapidWeaver to work once up on the Internet?

In the last resort, how do I go about getting a refund for an add-on I cannot use- unlike every other I’ve ever tried in the RapidWeaver stable- and cannot seem to get the promised support for?

Many thanks,
Peter- London, UK

Unfortunately, it is too bad you didn’t check out the forum before purchasing. That add-on in particular has had a poor track record the past year or two.

There could be a few reasons that RCP isn’t working on your published site. It’s hard to tell without more info (and I haven’t used it in a while either).

I honestly wouldn’t count on a refund and, if it’s feasible, I’d consider another option. Ecwid has a new Rapidweaver plugin (that is free) and they have a free plan if your store is limited. There are others but that is a potentially free option for you.

cc: @dan and @ben As noted in this thread, RCP is still prominent on the community site (it’s on the front page of add-ons for me right now) and a fair number of inquiries about it on the forum lately…

We’re aware of the issues everyone is having, but unfortunately, we know as much as everyone else right now.

We’re trying to get in touch with the developers.

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Promoting RCP in the community store isn’t helping the situation.

If users are at the point of having to open a dispute through PayPal to get a refund, IMHO it’s unethical to keep promoting it. If a new RW user sees RCP in the community store, it might be interpreted as an endorsement.


A quick check shows it is being promoted today:


+1 for what @NeilUK said. If I were new to RapidWeaver and I saw it being promoted on the RW Community, I’d have no problem buying it if it fit my needs. In light of the grievances, and @ben’s inability to get answers from the developer, this doesn’t reflect positively on RW.


I accept there are support issues from the developer, but leaving these aside for a moment there are a number of people still using RCP, including me, who could potential help @pcfw2 get his store up and running, so he doesn’t have to write off the money he’s spent!

Getting an Error 404 sounds like the files aren’t being published to where you would expect them to be.

When you say:

Is that your store page showing up in RW preview, when you preview in a Browser, or are you publishing locally on your Mac in something like MAMP?

Could you also provide a link to the url you are publishing to, that may help.

Have you published previously to the same host location, if so could be worth deleting everything that was there previously to clear things out, may have some lingering index.html file that is taking priority over the RCPs index.php file.

RCP requires your host to be running PHP, which most do, but something else to check.

Check, and double check, your publishing settings, if all is OK try ‘marking all pages as change’ and 'republishing all files.

Like I say this feels like a publishing/folder location issue as much as a RCP issue.

In fairness to the developer of RCP the online manual provided is pretty comprehensive, and @ben produced some great videos the include RCP on the community forum.

Like I say, I’m not trying to defend the lack of developer support, merely trying to help you move forward.




I agree in essence with what you say and salute you for your time and knowledge trying to help.

I haven’t set up Rapidcart Pro yet, but understand it to be quite a robust and exceptionally capable add-on for Rapidweaver. As such I think it is worth ascertaining what the issue with the company are and when/if they will be resolved.

I agree that until this is the case, it shouldn’t really appear on the realmac website. I hope it does get sorted.

I agree about offering help if it is something we can do. I also agree that the RCP manual is one of the best / comprehensive.

However, I also know that Stacks 4 isn’t far off, RW 8 isn’t far off, and a new OS probably isn’t far off (and potential compatibility issues could arise). If someone is just starting, I might steer them in another direction.

Firstly, we have released a new, free “RapidWeaver eCommerce Store” training course.

Secondly, a little update for anyone wondering about RapidCart Pro:

  • The developers tell me they do still offer support — but only for certain queries such as license recovery and critical bugs.
  • They say they are unable to offer support for general web development/design queries, but do have extensive online manuals.
  • They are going to update their support system to ensure their support policy is communicated clearly.
  • I have asked them to post an update here on the forums themselves. Hopefully, they will do so in the coming days.

Don’t shoot the messenger :wink:


Ecwid is a subscription based product which I have no interest in as one is locked into that service. Is RapidCart the only stand alone product for a lot of items.

I agree 100% with this. If you don’t want monthly fees, you simply cannot get this level of functionality anywhere else in Rapidweaver.

I think the “silly cheap one time only price” has caused their issues. A product that complicated I’m sure took hundreds if not thousands of person-hours to develop, as well as ongoing support.
The unfortunate thing is I don’t know if there’s a good business model, to offer a product that involved to a market the size of RapidWeaver. If you price it too high, you won’t sell enough to make it worth your time. The monthly subscription model tends to turn a lot of users off.


I may have something cool coming later this year. It will be a per domain solution - not subscription. That’s all I’m saying for now :sunglasses:


Agree with you; only time will tell if they will at least start to communicate, even if it’s to say no can’t help you with that.
Paid support for help with setup, I think would work for most users.
Hopefully, @rob will read your suggestions.

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Ha sorry - I most certainly will Steve.

It would be great to see RCP kept alive and updated when needed. There’s no other cart solution that comes close to it yet.

A support page on the RCP site with what is and isn’t included in their support would suffice. Id user want customisations etc., they’d have the option to pay.

The lack of communication is what’s caused all the fuss.

That;'s good to hear, I suppose. The proof will be in the pudding though.

I might be skeptical about the seemingly large gap between ‘web development/design queries’ and ‘critical bugs’. For example, the user who recently reported ‘phantom orders’. It doesn’t seem like something that is covered in the manual (unless the user set it up incorrectly), it hasn’t seemed to reach the level or critical bug, and it certainly isn’t just a web design query.

Anyway, hopefully things smooth out.


I can tell you until a month ago I have had no issues with RCP, selling courses and ebooks. I moved from RC3 (also a great product) quite a while ago, so this isn’t a new setup going wrong. I haven’t changed anything in the store, it seems to be some sort I’d issue with RCP and it’s interactions with PayPal. That makes me worry any changes to the PayPal API will render RCP useless at this point. Their documentation is top notch, but it doesn’t cover this and I’m at 19 days with no response. I don’t consider this a design issue. (I’m the phantom orders guy.).


Thanks for the news.
The only thing that is seriously bugging me is: will they keep RCP updated at least in the API department (Paypal and Stripe).
Because if not it’s just a matter of time before it becomes useless and I need to know in advance to move to other platforms. I rely on them for business so is kind of a serious issue.