What's the best alternative to Cartloom?

Please, what’s the best alternative to Cartloom? Cartloom developed version 4 and it’s compelling all users of its version 3 to move to version 4. In fact, it’s moving all current users who have not upgraded to version 4 to version 4 compulsorily by January 2016 with its attendant high upgrade cost.

The way I understand the pricing, there isn’t much difference in cost for version 4 but you get a whole heap of new features…??!


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Hey Theophilus!

Nick here from Nick Cates Design and Cartloom (I handle all design for Cartloom), and admittedly am passionate about Cartloom 4 :smiley:

Cartloom was significantly improved in the newest version 4, placing our new level of service on par with the BEST of ecommerce solutions available, especially for RapidWeaver.

I do however understand pricing was changed, which can be jarring for current users. I’d like to explain our plans a bit better to help, as we offer a Free, no mothly fee plan now too.

If a business is making under $1000 a month, our Free plan is perfect. Free plan means, we only add a 2% transaction fee to each successful purchase.

If a business is making over $1000 a month, they’d be saving money with our Plus plan at $19 a month.

For our level of service and features, compared to Shopify, Big Commerce, etc, or pricing is low. Also, we are not done, we’re still developing BIG features to add in 2017!

Our Cartloom 4 selling tools are some of the most beatiful, easy to use, and full featured out there, and can help any business make more money when used to there potential.

If the biggest factor for a business using RapidWeaver is lowest cost, a one time purhcase price of RapidCart Pro might be a better fit. But definitely try out both services, as they are quite different services in comparision.


Thanks for the explanation

Hi @nickcates - have a couple questions related to this query too if you don’t mind?

  • Is cartloom compatible with all themes? (provided it’s a stacks page)
  • Do I need to worry about using it in a specific theme type? such as responsive or fixed width
  • Do I need to use the payment processing of Cartloom or can I use my own credit card processing?
  • Is it possible to purchase a product and have it “NOT” process payment but rather send an order to customer service for processing manually? (some of our store items are quite complicated and easily confused with others items that look similar. It is often necessary to electronically communicate with the customer prior to actually processing the order) :confused:

Thanks in advance for your support _ Happy Holidays!


Hi @Bushman! Don’t mind at all :smiley:

  1. Cartloom is compatible with 98% of themes out there. Incompatiblity is very very rare. You don’t even need a stacks page, if using a different page type - you simply copy and paste the embed code, instead of drag and drop.

  2. No, use any theme you wish.

  3. You must use on of the payment processors we provide… Cartloom Pay, Stripe, PayPal Pro, Authorize Net, Braintree, PayMill, eWAY, PayPoint.Net, and Sage Pay. If you have a different processor, let us know, and we’ll see about adding it. Thanks.

  4. Without knowing exactly how you need this handled, I’ll just say, you can create manual payment options, and title these options however you wish. Best to grab a free account, and give it a spin!


Hi Nick

thanks very much for the detailed and patient response - Greatly appreciated! - I guess I’ll mosey on down and get me some Cartloom. :slight_smile:

Thanks again - Happy New Year!

Great Job @nickcates for sure will have a look at it…

Nick, is there any possibility of a version of Cartloom which accepts only Paypal payments?

PayPal is available in the plus and pro plans: http://cartloom.com/pricing

Not, so far as I can see, only Paypal, Dylan.

The Plus and Pro plans both offer PayPal payments.

Cart 2 is a pretty awesome alternative :slight_smile:

Demo here: http://demo.yuzoolthemes.com/cart2/


@yuzooldoes your stack handle digital downloads and does it deal with EU Vat law?

Just watched your demo and not sure if I was seeing all of the shipping options.
If Cart2 just provides a single rate per item isn’t that limiting you to shipping to a single location?

Yuzools Cart 2 is a good choice, easy to use in Rapidweaver, and no monthly fees.

If you need something that the clients can edit, I always use ECWID,

  • It integrates with everything, even Facebook

  • no “transaction fees”, even in the free account (up to 10 items)


There seems to be a real issue if you want to sell digital downloads without signing up for monthly fees.

Thanks @Bazza - no unfortunately :frowning:
It’s for physical products and / or services

If you want to sell digital then @instacks Paddle Stack is a great option

Thanks @LeBlanc shipping options are simple. Flat rate per item but there is space for volume shipping too. If you want complex shipping, maybe RapidCart is better for that project.


@Bazza I’ve got some ideas / something in the oven on that and will send you a DM on it :slight_smile:

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Sounds good - no one ever sends me direct messages LOL.

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