Cartloom for retail and wholesale

Hi All, just need some advice to qualify an approach. We run a small business selling produce from our farm. We run Cartloom online shop and have nothing but compliments for the product and the support we have received. The orders come in and we get good feedback on usability. We also have a small number of retailers that order our products. I am thinking it would be very useful to be able to have a portal for these people to use to order, based on our cartloom database with some price variations to reflect wholesale pricing- and surface that through a dedicated web page. I am not sure the current Cartloom architecture will support this though, especially how I select the products and pricing to display on my pages. Anyone tried such an approach? Realize I could simply have two Cartloom subscriptions but not that interested in doubling my cost ( and data) if there is a smarter way to make effective use of the software. Many thanks!

@dougparke I had this few years ago, private sales (public) pharmacies and wholesalers. I found unless you double your data for individuals and wholesale, you can copy your products and put in different groups. You can have one site with page safe or similar log on for wholesale with different group of products in however stock management then becomes a problem. I decided on website for individuals and I use Xero for everything else and manage stock in there. I will follow this thread if anyone can come up with a better way. Good luck stay safe!

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