Quick Question - Cartloom?

(Simon Palmer) #1

Hi Folks,

Anyone know if there is a major update of Cartloom coming? Bit frustrated…:slight_smile: as the requests panel has been a little too stationary recently!

BUT, I still like the product way more than others that have fallen by the wayside…not mentioning names…

(Nick Cates) #2

I’m the co-developer of Cartloom what’s up? We can help!

(Simon Palmer) #3

Hi Nick, No major concerns, just a little frustrated in the “reporting” area of Cartloom. The api is limited right now, and I would love to be able to pull stock reports. I know this is a futures thing, and you have that great section in Cartloom that allows us to volunteer enhancements. I know you folks plenty to do, but wondering when we see the next significant update.

(Nick Cates) #4

Great question, right now the next big thing we’re working on is giving Cartloom sellers the ability to sell subscriptions to their customers, and it’s looking very good.

(system) #5

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