Cates/Workman Photo Stack-- CAPTION PROBLEM

Got the stack and there’s a lot to like about it.

BUT, I can’t figure out where/how to adjust how caption displays when I click to zoom an image. [Or, in the parlance of the stack, a “Photo Single”]

I can change the caption position and color on the lightbox, but not on the zoomed photo.

On the zoomed image, I’d like to choose a position and have some sort of a colored box so it doesn’t fade into the background.

Can someone be kind enough to point me in the right direction?

Neglected to note: In the second image, the caption IS there…it’s underneath in gray [or “grey” for those who spell the Queen’s English] and barely visible.

Haven’t had any responses in the past day, so I’m guessing that this issue of controlling captions may not be relevant for many of you. That said, I’ll update all on my investigation in the hopes that I can get a solution OR find an alternate stack.

I continued my search and ultimately found a post from last June titled “Photo and PhotoPro from Weaver’s Space”. If I’m reading it correctly, “there currently isn’t any setting to control the lightbox caption settings.”

Interesting since Weaver’s Space (Photo Stack for RapidWeaver) says:

“Image Captions
Have full control over both thumbnail and lightbox captions. Also alt and title tags for SEO and Accessibility.”

[The features list for PhotoPro says exactly the same thing.]

@joeworkman Joe, is my understanding correct or did I misread/misunderstand?

Regardless, I still have a problem to solve and I currently can’t see a way to do it with the Photo Stack. Once again, I want control over the the style/color/placement of the caption in both the thumbnail and zoomed modes.

I’ve re-uploaded the screenshots, this time with comments for clarity.

I notice that a couple of other stack developers who also frequent the forum, so I’ll ask:

@willwood Will, is ProGallery my solution? Does it offer such control over captions?

@instacks Jannis, how about the unabashedly “kick ass” Gallery Stack 3?

Many thanks to all who view this and any who take the opportunity to respond. And, if you’ve discovered another way to do this—or need to correct any misapprehensions on my part—please chime in!

These forums don’t appear to be in use any more. I can’t login from my work computer. You may struggle to get much of a response here. It appears most of the activity has gone over here now:

Or the Facebook group:

From looking at your screenshots and the description you provide, I’d hazard a guess and say there could be a bug in your setup. Either something isn’t being layered correctly or the opacity / colours of the caption containers aren’t working as configured on the lightbox. I’d suggest reaching out to the developer directly and give them a link to a test page to look at. Screenshots certainly are useful to describe problems visually, but the developer would probably want to look at your page in more detail using the browser developer tools / web inspector etc.

Thanks for tagging me. My ProGallery stack came about as a replacement to the older ‘Ultimate Gallery’ stacks, from Weaver Addons, which were no longer supported and starting to malfunction in the absence of any updates. The idea of ProGallery has since been replicated by other developers and now it appears almost every stack developer has their own incarnation of it! Which I’m not overly concerned about, because it gives you, the consumer, more choice.

Like all my addons going back the past 17ish years, I provide free trial versions of everything I sell. So I strongly urge you to always make use of these and don’t buy anything if you can’t get it to work beforehand. There is a free trial version of ProGallery to download from my website.

You’ll find in ProGallery that there is a wide choice of both thumbnail layouts and image / video lightbox effects. The reasoning behind this is because every single one is unique; from a styling and functionality perspective. There certainly are lightbox effects (like Light Case) that can do both image titles and caption content. Whether or not these come close to what you want, that would be for you to experiment with.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to email me direct.



Did you turn off the overlay? If you go back to the default styles, you will see how things were designed to work. The full resolution image would be easier to focus on with the overlay visible.

Many thanks Will! I appreciate your response and am a big fan of your stacks. Will definitely try it out.

Aha! Thanks @joeworkman.

The overlay was off by default. Just created another new page and that remains the case. I hadn’t seen anything about that option in the videos and I couldn’t locate written documentation on the site.

Your response solve the issue. Much appreciated.

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@willwood I neglected to mention that I was also having problems signing in and emailed @dan and support to let them know that my browser indicates an expired security certificate.

Haven’t heard back yet, but I’m accessing by indicating I’m accepting a non-https connection. Seems like there’s still lots of activity here, so let’s see what the response is.

About a week ago, I received email from @dan, saying this forum is read-only and please, sign in into the new community forum. Apparently, this one is not read-only, but abandoned.

You can find the new Community at the address posted above by Will.

BTW, since my post that you are quoting above, I did not notice any updates to Photo Pro from Weavers Space so all bugs/shortcomings of 7 months ago are still unaddressed by the developer.

We’re having an issue with the SSL certificate on this forum, which will be fixed this week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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