Photo and PhotoPro from Weaver's Space

I have several issues with both of them. Does anybody know where I can find some documentation or Knowledge Base articles? I couldn’t find any.
@joeworkman ?

The Nick Cates guide is still online.

And here for Photo.

Thanks, Gary,

Is there any documentation for Joe’s new versions, though?

Joe’s version are Nick Cates versions. Nick sold the rights to Joe and Joe has republished them so that you get updates via his server. He hasn’t updated them in any way as yet.

Thanks, Gary,

Sorry, but no, Joe’s stacks versions are not identical with Nick’s. They are supposed to be rewritten with more modern code. Therefore, Nick’s documentation is not 100% relevant to Joe’s newer versions of stacks.

I have specific questions that only Joe can answer, because Nick is no longer involved…

Well, you know more than me then, so I’ll leave it to Joe to discuss this with you. I’ve used Nick’s Photo and Photo Pro for quite a while and I’m still using his guide and I’ve noticed no difference in the stacks since Joe took them over.

Joe is away on holiday now, so don’t expect an answer from him for a week or so.

Hey, Gary,

Since you are familiar with Photo and PhotoPro, maybe you could answer some or all of my questions, before Joe returns from vacations? Or, maybe someone else could?

First, questions about Photo:

  • Is there no “freehand” lightbox theme (I am looking for the “50% neutral gray” background)?
  • Looping is impossible to switch off (it is disengaged in settings). Is there a trick to it?
  • Is there a way to align album name and caption in a lightbox in horizontal center?
  • Is there a way to change album caption’s color? The default color is almost invisible in the “Default Dark” lightbox theme.

Rob, I’ll take a look at those questions tomorrow. For sure you can adjust the opacity of the Lightbox background using css as I helped someone with that on the community site.

The other things I would have to experiment with.

Sorry for that… I should have mentioned that I do not want lightbox’ opacity to be other than 100%. All I want is to change fully opaque background to 50% gray.

I’m not sure I understand. What is the difference between 50% grey and grey at 50% opacity? This is what I would call 50% grey.

Sorry, that was Photo Pro and you were asking about Photo - definitely css for Photo.

Same thing in Photo

I don’t want the underlying page to be visible through the lightbox. It would be very distracting/annoying to me. So, a solid (non-transparent) gray color is in order.

In other words, besides “Default Dark” and “Contrast Light” themes, I would like to have “Neutral Gray” theme. If this is unavailable at the moment, perhaps there is a CSS code snippet for that?

P.S. Just to make sure we are on the same page:

  • 50% gray is a neutral, solid (non-transparent) color resulting from mixing equal amounts of black and white components, with no additional hues.
  • Gray at 50% opacity is some gray color (not necessarily neutral) that has its alpha (transparency) set to 50%.

OK, try this for a neutral grey rgb(142,145,143) background in the Photo stack

.style-default {
background: rgb(142,145,143) !important;

Photo Pro is easier as you just set the Lightbox background how you want.

All those other things you asked about are in Pro I think? Turning off the looping and changing the caption colours?

Hey, Gary,

Thanks for the CSS snippet. I will try it later.

Actually, I was referring to Photo 1.4.0. I saved PhotoPro 1.1.3-specific questions for later.

So, slide looping is supposed to be switchable in both stacks. But in reality it can’t be switched off in neither one. I was wondering if there was some trick to it.

There is no setting in Photo for changing the caption color in lightbox (only in thumbnail). That’s the problem, because in “Default Dark” lightbox theme the caption is almost invisible (screenshot):

Ah, I’d missed those advanced settings in Photo :slight_smile:

Unticking that ‘Loop Lightbox Images’ works OK for me. After the last image the nav arrow disappears and clicking where it ‘isn’t’ just takes me out of the Lightbox view and back to the gallery view.

I have pasted your CSS snippet into the page-specific CSS box in Inspector, saved, republished the page, uploaded it to the server, deleted cache in Safari and reloaded the page. However, the lightbox background is still “Default Dark”, as before and captions are still invisible.

Now, back to looping. I use keyboard arrows for advancing images within lightbox. The graphical arrow in the lightbox may be gone at the last image, but that does not prevent me from looping back to the first image when I press the right arrow on the keyboard. This is obviously wrong.

css to change the photo Lightbox album caption. All a bit trial and error I’m afraid using the browser developer panel!

#ncdPhotoOverlay p b, .style-default #ncdPhotoCaption p b {
color: red;

The second CSS snippet does not work either…