Problem with Photo Box

I have just purchased and installed Photo box and have immediately run into a problem (at least I think it’s a problem) I have inserted a couple of images and added a title and caption. The problem is the title and caption do not transpose onto the preview and are not retained in edit mode.

Hi @mac2474

I cannot replicate this following your same instructions:

The title and caption are being applied correctly for me. I don’t recall anybody else having the same issue.

Please put together a simple RW project file, instructions of which can be read here:

Upload it as a .zip package to Dropbox or your favourite file sharing service.

Send me an email with the download link and details of your setup (e.g. version number of Stacks) and I’ll review it when I receive it.

If pasting content into the title or caption regions, be sure to paste it as plain text (ALT + CMD + v).

The forums say your last post here was more than a year ago. If you have not used RapidWeaver during that time, check that any pending updates have been applied. Both RapidWeaver and Stacks have been updated within the past 12 months.

Something else you can try is to download the stack and re-install it. On very rare occasions, stacks don’t install properly on the first attempt. Use the order lookup at the bottom of the Stacks4Stacks website for this task.

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Hi Will,

PM sent

It turns out I made the stupid mistake of installing Big Sur beta os without thinking of the consequences. I have now time machined it all back to normality and it all seems to be working. FYI it also messed up FTP, so I couldn’t upload either :flushed:

Great support from Will :heavy_check_mark:

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If you have not done so yet, you should probably notify Realmac Software and Yourhead Software to check they are aware of the Big Sur problems you ran into.

Realmac should definitely know about the FTP publishing problems you had. Yourhead might need to know about the GUI issues, if they are not already fixed in a forthcoming update. From scanning the Slack channel, it seems updates for the Stacks plugin are close to release.

Sadly it is not something within my ability to fix. I suspect other stacks are suffering the same types of problem. Stacks like Photo Box all share the same API:

You were having problems with the input and multi-4 custom control types not accepting your title and caption text.

It’s perhaps wise to resist the excitement and temptation to use pre-release MacOS updates. Unless of course, you are fortunate enough to have a spare machine to test on and do clean installs when things go wrong.

I’ll leave the link for Photo Box here so others can buy it and some good can come from this discussion:

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I wrote a bit about Big Sur and updates here: Stacks and Big Sur

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