Still searching for a gallery/lightbox stack

I’m still searching for a responsive gallery/lightbox stack.

I tried many different photo albums, galleries, lightboxes, but I haven’t find the (very simple) one I need. Every one have pros and cons, and my web site do not proceed.

  • I need to show square, horizontal and vertical pictures in lightbox. In some pages I have many pictures (70/80)
  • thumbnails around 200/250 px. I prefer square thumbnails for all the pictures. Or square thumbnails grid with pictures centered both vertical and horizontal.
  • a short title under the thumbnails, not over.
  • in the lightbox with full picture I want to show a different text and a description, not more than two rows. Above or below the picture, not over.
  • vertical pictures resized to see them completely
  • no frames, round corners, shadows… no effects at all.

The best Edit interface would be the one of Weaverpix, with little thumbnails and big space for writing titles and descriptions. But Weaverpix is not a Stack and it has complex settings. The only Weaverpix theme close to what I want is Collage, but with vertical pictures it is a mess (or I have not find the right options in that long list).

The simplest solution I tried was Photo Album 2 (a variant of Rapidweaver Photo Album offered in many third party themes). But working with a wide-gamut monitor I had many problems with color profiles, as I wrote in another topic.

In my old site I have YourHead Collage plugin, but it has the same color issue of Photo Album.

You should try Topbox by Stacks4Stacks I really like it. You can use it with everything! @rapidweaverclassroom likes it a lot!! The customer service by Will is great also. Good luck!

I purchased TopBox two weeks ago, but I haven’t find a way set it to obtain the kind of gallery + lightbox I need.

I’ve used topbox here:
It means I can have different layouts on the thumbnail and on the pop up which is just what my client wanted.

What bit CAN’T you achieve with topbox?

I think TopBox is very good for detailed galleries of products, like your page.
But this time I was searching for a “fast” solution to show many pictures.
This afternoon I purchased Ultimate Gallery for Weaverpix, written by the same developer of Topbox.
With Weaverpix I can drag&drop in the same time 100 pictures in a page, and then add short titles or captions in the same page, near the little previews ( ) like in the Rapidweaver Photo Album (but without the issues of color management I described in another topic)
Some Weaverpix themes have complex settings but this one is simple and effective, and can be used as gallery, slideshow or carousel.

I do not need (for the pages I am working on) to set a different thumbnail, or add long detailed captions.
Creating a page with around 100 record covers will be long with stacks like TopBox or NK Light Page (another very good stack I purchased weeks ago and I tried for my pages).
I will use them for more detailed but short galleries.

Ah ok I see :-). thanks for the update.

I am having other problems with Weaverpix+Ultimate Gallery.
With square pictures (record covers) all works well, but now I am working at galleries with pictures both horizontal and vertical. In this case the thumbnails are bad looking because they are top-left aligned.

I tried again with Top Box. It seems impossible to have square thumbnails spaces with pictures centered.
I’m still in a nightmare. I cannot find only one Rapidweaver addon to obtain the thumbnails+lightbox I need.

P.S. I had a big help from Will Woodgate. He made some customizations to his theme and now I can proceed with my web site in the best way! :slight_smile:

I wonder if the Masonry stack would work for you?

Ahh, yes I guess thats where the Doobox Montage Stack is so great, because it automatically handles images of different sizes, BUT I’m not sure you can currently do all the other specifics that you need.

Do you want to show us a link?

Interesting stack… maybe for another work.
I wrote to the developer to ask if the pictures can be seen without the frame.

You can hide the frame from the thumbnails from within stack’s settings - just match the colour of the page background and turn the shadow off - but not from the lightboxed version. At least that isn’t built-in to the stack.