Centering text underneath my banner picture

Please help! I really wanted to publish my website today, but my son tells me I should centre the text underneath the banner pictures. I do agree with him, but was hoping that if I published it, I could then send people the URL, so they have a clearer understanding of what I 'm trying to do.
My son and I watched the css video, but it didn’t really help. It only talked about the sidebar, then seemed to skip to ‘javascript’, I thought there was another video about main text, but couldn’t see it. What should I do? Publish it?


Hi @Josee2Colley

Yes, unless there is a real reason not to, its best to publish what you have then come back here and provide:

  • The URL to the site so we can see what is going on.
  • Detail what you are trying to achieve. Be as specific as possible too.

There are people here who can deeply inspect your site and “look into” the CSS/JS/HTML (the web client side stuff) and provide instructions and help (in most cases).

So, yes, publish it, share the URL and tell us what you need.

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Thank you, Ingrid! That’s good. We are in the process, but our internet is down right now.

My son was telling me things were not centered, but I think that seemed so because we were looking at it in the wrong mode. Later, when I looked, it seemed fine.

Also, I was conviced that Rapidweaver adjusts the interface according to the platform used by the viewer. Am I right about this? AnyWay, if I’m wrong, we’ll soon find out.

Thanks again, Ingrid. Hopefully be able yo show you my work soon.


Hi again, Indrid.

So, I’ve bought the hosting sight plan (little oak), but I have no idea what an ‘FTO or SFTP is. As you can see I am a complete babe in the wood….

Don’t let the acronyms put you off, there’s plenty of time to get into what all those things mean.

Publishing your site is really just about pushing the files which make up your website, and are managed by Rapidweaver, over to the correct location inside your hosting plan. The underlying protocol(s) used to do this are usually FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol). Sounds fancy but RW will take care of most of this for you. Just think of it as a fancy way to send your files to another computer (your web host).

What you DO need to do is populate the publishing settings for your site in Rapidweaver. This will include things like the server name or IP and the folder inside the hosting plan where you need to send the files to in order for them to show up when you go to your site using your web browser.

What do your publishing settings look like just now? (please don’t share any passwords!)

Just take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine.

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Hi, I have been trying now to get an authorisation code, but have no idea where to get it. My webhost is ‘littleoak’, but I don’t know exactly which web address to use.

This is the impersonal email the’ve just sent me. Now I’m in, they don’t care anymore.

The authorization code required to process your domain name registrar transfer request for was invalid or not yet provided. Little Oak Hosting is unable to assume responsibility for your domain name until we have the current authorization code. The current registrar for the domain name can provide the authorization code.

Once acquired, login to the Account Manager at to update the authorization code. If you have any questions or comments, contact customer service by opening a ticket in the Account Manager at or send email to or toll-free telephone at (866) 558-1453. All tickets via phone or email will require the user’s support token for authentication.

Thank you,
Little Oak Hosting

Great- no idea where to go or what to do….

It sounds like you are trying to transfer your domain name to little oak, correct?

It appears that the domain is registered and parked at Asia?

To transfer the domain you need to provide the new provider an authorization code from the old provider.

This isn’t Little Oaks fault. This authorization process is set to protect you and all website owners from having websites hi jacked by other people.

If you truly want to transfer the domain name to Little Oak you need to go to the current provider and get the authorization code.

Keep in mind it’s common practice to keep the domain registered with one company and host your site at another. You would simply change the name server to point to the hosting company.

I’m not familiar with Asia, but this might help

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Hi, I am using Little Oaks, but am VERY unimpressed with the lack of help. They are very ‘by the book’, and don’t answer questions. I went to their site, (eventually) logged on and tried to send a photo. I only got the chance to send them a message via the website today, as I was in a live webinar last night. I tried to email them, but the chap who was at the other end at that moment just kept sending me the same email, that my request was not validated and stuff like that. Apparently one MUST go through the website to get any sensible-is answer out of them. Really hopeless. Of course I already paid. Before I did, they seemed really good. Unbelievable. Conmen!

Anyway, hopefully they’ll finally get back to me and actually help. I can’t go anywhere if they don’t tell me what the host address is.

Let me send you the photo I took. Maybe you can give me a clue.



It looks like from the picture that you haven’t put in the website address in general settings or publishing settings.
So if you’re domain name from above is correct
You would put that in. If you want to use www then add it. If your going to use SSL then change http to https.

Next time try a screenshot instead of a picture it’s easier to read.

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