Solved :- I only want to CENTRE some text?

(tim parsons) #1

Please what am i doing wrong, i had the plan to have a Page Heading in a Text stack and the text to be in the centre of the page !!.

I found it isnt easy, , when i was struggling initially i thought easy to use HTML center tags,
i then read that, that doesnt work with HTML5 !
I then selected the text, thinking that from the toolbar Format/Centre would work but it didnt work !!
I selected the text again thinking that the Format options would work that are at the very bottom of every RW window, but i was dissappointed, that didnt work either.
All i want to do is get a page heading in the center of a page !!!


(scott williams) #2

You have a URL @timmytoad?
Are you using a stack? which one? Theme?
the CSS you want is text-align:center question is what is the target?

(tim parsons) #3

@swilliam thanks for your quick response buddy, but the second after i posted that question, i gave the heading a pair of < h 2 > tags and hey presto, it was in the center.
I havent published it yet.
Thanks, i solved it all on my lonesome LOL


(scott williams) #4

Good stuff that means that h2 is already set to center in your case.

(tim parsons) #5

I am not so sure that worked out ok now, I am in bigger bother tonight !


(tim parsons) #6

@swilliam Thanks for your help buddy, but i am now back to square one, could you please give me a little more help with the CSS i need to do this Centreing the proper way, when all else fails.

.center { text-align:center; } is halfway there, which i need to put somewhere and define the text to be centred as “center”

thanks for getting me started Scott

LATER :- I found a stack called CSS BOX and managed to work out how to use it, the result being i NOW have centred text in a header :slight_smile:


(scott williams) #7

Good stuff @timmytoad, that’s one way, give it your own Id or class. The other is to see what id it already has and target that. You can find it by using developer tools in safari.

(tim parsons) #8

@swilliam of course i should have thought of that myself :frowning:
until i do that “css box” stack is doing the job adequately, thanks for the tip Scott