Sorry I posted already but it’s gone awol, can you help me source correct code for centering a div?

My site is here: Discography
At the bottom of the page I’m using a smooth scroller stack by Maik Barz and the code looks like this:

back to top
Ack it's removed the code, ok I'm attaching a screen grab.

But how can I center the text? Do I do it within this div code or put it in the css pane and what would the code look like?

Hi Gabrielle,

To center the Back To Top text try adding this bit of css code into the Page Inspector custom css window:

.smooth_scroll {text-align:center;}

That seemed to work when I just did a quick test on your site page for that text in the stack. Let me know your results please.


What text would you like?

The text goes between the two >< where the ** are below: So you can put anything you like here.

[code]<div id="backtotop">**back to top**</div>[/code]

I haven’t used that stack before so sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick…!

oh my eyes… just seen that you wrote center not enter, clearly I’m not wearing my glasses enough!!!

Works perfectly Charlie you star ;-))
Thanks Becca for responding, it’s all appreciated ;-).