Challenge: can you help me? (hint: not a technical problem)

Hello all

I have prepared a web, oriented towards a relatively small set of users (as a matter of fact, Toll Road Operators). The aim of the web is to present a somehow disrupting concept (similar to attacking the causes instead of the symptoms in medicine).

I have perused the themes, I have seen seen some complete projects, but I am overwhelmed by their sheer number and variety. I do not know where to start

So, my post is to try to get some ideas from the community: suggestions, where to look for, etc…

Please bear in mind that the following list are not prerequisites, it’s just what I would like, but feel free to challenge them:

  1. Web page must be read on a laptop, although possibly the user will have a first access to it on a phone, so, it must “catch” his attention

  2. Web page must include text, not just slogans, because the explanation of the concept cannot be expressed in slogans (like “medicine attacks symptoms instead of causes” :smile:

  3. Web page must be modern (and possibly “design”, whatever it means). By the way, I prefer dark themes

  4. Web page will be “static”, with, eventually, one or two updates per year.

This is the link to the - unfinished yet - webpage, using a standard theme with “free” stacks. It is not the final theme, so, I have not worked on fonts, colour, transparency, sizes, etc.

Of course feel free to criticise the format of the current web, the election of theme, but possibly it would be worthless, because this is, precisely, what I will change. Of course, any suggestion about text changes, wording, impact, grammar and orthography, etc. will be welcome

Thanks to all - who have read till here - and many thanks to whoever finds time to answer.

If you are finding the theme choices overwhelming, or not finding quite what you are looking for in terms of look you can get a framework. If I read your post correctly you already have the Stacks plugin?

With a little bit of learning you can more or less build the site you want with a framework, instead of using a fixed design theme.

Frameworks differ in pricing and what they offer. At a minimum they all allow you to design the layout of your site. The more expensive ones come with more additional components such as slide shows, forms, animations etc. It depends on what you need for your site.

Popular/Current Frameworks

I know also that Archetypon, who sells the UiKit framework, offer a halfway house…a theme comes with stacks which give you additional features compared to traditional themes. Themeflood also offer some free extra stacks for their themes.

Hope that helps,


Thanks, Paul, I’ll check your suggestions. I do not have -yet- the Stacks plugin, but I’ll buy it depending on the path I follow

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