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I’d appreciate some links to websites with a clean, minimalist, uncluttered, sophisticated design; no garish colors, too many moving images, unnecessary animations, etc. My imagination is not adequate so looking at a few examples may help. (The website I am trying to design is for a quantitative analysis company; I want to make it look professional without looking nerdy).

I’ll offer this - - minimalist, rather than sophisticated because the client didn’t want any graphics at all. Warning: you may find the animated divider too garish for your tastes! :sunglasses:

I’m sure there are plenty of better designed sites that can showcase RW’s abilities.

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Hm. I did

1 Like This is my photography group site. While it is a photography site it is just there to show the photos.

Hi @Sri,

I design many minimalist themes for photography and multi-purpose:


Here one of the site I did for a client. His old site had like 6 pages with information thinly spread out across the pages loaded with white spaces.

This client is a HVAC service person so I took all of the pages and developed into a one page right to the point about the service he offer.

He is very pleased with it and getting calls for more services in his area since new client can instantly see the service he offer on one same page at a glance along with a call button to press to call him for service.

Hey - I did these which help as alternative examples all with Foundry and TotalCMS:

I’ve found that there’s not much Rapidweaver can handle!

This is made with RW and Pure Stacks from 1LD,
one of the first frameworks. It is not updated anymore (and I think it was ahead of his time)

This are some super clean sites made with Foundation 6.

Thanks, guys! Got some really good ideas!


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