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I created a site for my friend’s martial arts school ( and on specials page he has a different offer for the different seasons. One for New Years special, Spring, Summer, Back to school (fall) and a winter special. Is there a stack(s) that would have snow fall, a spring stack, summer stack, a fall stack and a snow for winter stack? A stack for the change of the seasons?

JW’'s free Let it Snow stack allows for font awesome icons and snow of course . Perhaps there are some font awesome icons you could use for the other seasons.

Not sure if it is exactly what you want, but with the Tardis stack by Joe Workman, you have different images or text showing based on the time of the year… I do see Thang also had suggested Let it Snow stack (also by Joe Workman), which actually uses Font Awesome 4 (Font Awesome Icons), there is snow flakes, leaves and suns. No flowers for spring though… Just an idea.

You can see these stacks here:

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@zeebe Hi Rob, is Let it Snow still available? On Joe’s site it said “no longer available” when I tried to download it, so i deleted my post about it.

Good question, since I no longer work for Joe, I am not in the know. I have asked him about it but have not heard back yet. Last I knew it was available…

Edit - Joe got back to me and it should be working now. It does for me

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Sorry about that guys… I kept forgetting to fix that.

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I have the snow stack. Anybody know about the same type of stack that Can’t do the same type of thing for spring, summer and fall?

As I mentioned, it uses Font Awesome 4, so you can use the sun for summer

and leaf for fall

Not sure about Spring, maybe Tint??

There is a spring flower type one if Font Awesome 5, but Stacks 3 and Let It Snow does not allow for FA 5 yet and the Flower icon is a PRO icon, which means you might not be able to use that one, as I think Stacks 4 will only be using the free FA 5 icons. Not sure if Joe can put the pro ones in his stacks or not.

Edit - Here is a FAQ from Joe’s Docs page about how to use Font Awesome 4 with Let it Snow

Edit 2 - Here is a screenshot with the Tint FA icon in it

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I like the effect! Without going font awesome pro, is there another font pro site that has better icons that I might use for summer, fall (leaves) new years and maybe some christmas/holiday font awesome icons?

The stack will only use icons from your keyboard or Font Awesome 4, so you could search the FA 4 icons by going here:
and visually look at the icons or search.


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