❄️🎄 Say Hello to Snowflakes 3 ❄️🎄

Winter's coming closer and the holidays are knocking on your door. We love this very special time of the year and we know that you do so too. The Snowflakes Stack helps you and your website prepare for the upcoming winter days by displaying sweet snowflakes with smooth transitions. The Stack will make your site snow from above!
**Customisation options**

  • Intensity: change the strength of wind which animates the snowflakes horizontally as well. You can choose between smooth, breezy, windy, strong wind, stormy and blizzard (NEW feature in version 3!)
  • Amount: choose the amount of snowflakes that should be displayed
  • Symbol: define a unicode character which reflects the snowflakes
  • Speed: customise the speed of the fall
  • Minimum Size: how big/small the snowflakes should be at least
  • Maximum Size: how big/small the snowflakes should be at last
  • Colors: change the colors of the snowflakes. you can customise up to five different colors which are being picked randomly by the algorithm (NEW feature in version 3!)

Of course this Stack is also **responsive** and **retina ready** - we've also revamped the Stack's icon.

The Stack just uses simple text characters, it doesn’t even need any images which would slow your website. The Stack runs smoothly in the background of your site and won’t interrupt your visitors because we didn’t fill in any annoying x-mas music.

Learn more about all these awesome customization options of the Snowflakes Stack by watching the Screencast on our product page!

This Stack requires Stacks 3, older versions of the plugin are not supported.

Learn more about Snowflakes 3

@RWtuts - originally I wondered if this required RW7.1 because it didn’t appear in RW 7.0.4 even though it said it installed (installed twice). I then checked the Library and it wasn’t there, so I manually dragged it from the disk image and then was able to use it. Turns out it installed in the old Application Support location (not the container location) which isn’t used anymore for RW7.

I’m on 10.11.6 if that is any help.

Also, all of your stacks are coming in as “Unknown Developer” - any plan to revise this?

Thanks in advance,


p.s. Effects are really cool, just need to update my website later this month with it.

Hey Fred,

that’s pretty odd since it should install just like all our other Stacks. Did you have Snowflakes 2 installed? This could have been a reason for this small conflict. But as long as it successfully installed at the end everything’s fine :slight_smile:

regarding the Unknown Developer thing, this is something we’re working on. It would require us to E-Mail customers for an available update for each Stack individually. So customers who purchased our bundle with 40+ Stacks would receive 40 E-Mails. That’s why we will be going to push out updates time after time.

Please send us a link to your site once you have Snowflakes 3 installed, would be nice to share it around on social media if you’d like :slight_smile:


Why not just use auto-update? It works really well for a lot of stacks. The “unknown developer” is just a simple plist fix. Change it in each stack and publish an update – then let Stacks handle the rest. :slight_smile:



@isaiah - I save the files offline in case I need to reinstall due to conflicts, etc. While I don’t have a slow internet connection, the time is worth it as I can back out a bad install immediately instead of a several step process.

@RWtuts - yes, I had Snowflakes 2 installed, in the container location. I also understand about the email - I bought the 40 stack bundle!

Thanks all,


I think I jumped to conclusions. I think RWTuts already uses auto-update – but didn’t at some time in the distant past. If you have one of those old versions pre-auto-upate you’ll have to contact the developer directly to jump up to the recent good stuff. :slight_smile:


@isaiah - I can already auto-update. Want the file saved offline so I can update my laptop or reinstall WITHOUT having to re-download.

And yes, I know I can put my add-ons in Dropbox. I prefer not to at this time.


yes – i think we have some tangled threads here. i was responding to myself and rwtuts.

as for your question. are you just wondering where the RW 7.1 addons folder is located?

The answer to where the addons are stored is the same in RW 6 and RW 7

And if you want to keep a back (other than Time Machine or Super Duper or whatever) you can just zip up this entire folder. All of the RW addons are in there: Plugins, Stacks, Themes, Snippets, etc.


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@isaiah - no, I know where the file is and understand how to copy to another computer. My comment is that I can auto-update, copy to another computer, etc. I want to have a saved file of the update in case I need to reload a previous version individually or whatever.


ok. i think you have that. :wink:

i think, perhaps, the confusion is that the “update” is something different from the “stack” that’s installed.

it isn’t.

an update is just a complete new copy of that stack. so if you just save a copy of the stack with TimeMachine or even just copy it to a different folder – then you have a copy of “the update”

either that or i’ve again failed to understand what you need. and if that’s it i so sorry. :smiley:

please know that i did try very hard. i read your post out loud to my support person here in the room with me and we had a debate about what you were after for about 20 min. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

i suspect you’re after something very simple and easy – but we nerds here are so used to this tech that we can’t see the forest through the trees enough to answer your question. LOL


@isaiah - I’m also LOL. 20 minutes! Please spend that time doing your development work.

What I do, with ALL software updates of any kind, is keep the downloaded file after I have installed it. This let’s me re-install, secondary install, etc. at a later date for whatever reason. I don’t want to have to worry about internet connection to check for updates and download it. I also may have a problem with an update, hence, reinstalling the previous version.

I’m anal about backups. I use TM, have a Crashplan cloud backup, do weekly clones, and every day backups (only user folder) also. I’ve had 2 internal drives in my iMac fail in the last 5 years and just got the Smart notice yesterday that my clone drive is failing. New drives arriving today for that.

Thanks again for the interest.